Sustaining high performance starts with creating a culture of reliability where teams are engaged and supported in striving to continuously improve operations and care delivery

Operational effectiveness is key to providing high quality care. Without having a culture that supports continuous improvement initiatives, opportunities to improve patient care may be missed and departmental efforts may be siloed. Vizient works alongside service line, pharmacy and health system leaders to streamline operations systemwide.

Embracing a cross-department partnership between the CMO and CFO

The academic healthcare system improves quality scores, finances and culture

Leaders at UCI Health reached out to Vizient for help addressing their case mix index. The team provided process changes and education that transformed productivity and led to a more collaborative approach. As a result, the partnership has expanded to address population health, value-based care and improvements to outpatient clinical documentation.

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RUSH reduces readmission rates by applying collaboration, leading strategies and analytics

Benchmarking and collaboration help RUSH reduce readmission rates

Rush University System for Health partners with Vizient in its efforts to reduce readmission rates. RUSH uses the Clinical Data Base to measure their performance and participates in the Performance Improvement Stroke Collaborative and High Utilizer Collaborative. During a 12-month period, the collaborative realized 27 fewer readmissions, avoiding an estimated $694,000 of potential costs.

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Yale New Haven Health System leads a successful supplier transition during COVID-19

Transforming its supply chain and transitioning suppliers in the pandemic

Lori Lee, senior vice president of clinical operations, took the helm of Yale New Haven Health System's supply chain and began a distributor transition during the height of COVID with Vizient leading the RFP process.

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Forward-thinking leadership prevents shortages of critical drugs and medical supplies

Ochsner Health accesses critical supplies and medications during the pandemic

Under the leadership of Debbie Simonson, system vice president of pharmacy services, Ochsner Health has built-in resiliency into its supply chain to weather disruptions. Simonson and the Ochsner team had a plan in place for accessing these medications to meet exploding demand.

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Identify systemwide quality improvement priorities by unifying disparate clinical data

Novant Health enhances systemwide quality control

Implementing a single data source across its 15 medical centers gave facility and system leaders the insights needed to implement and sustain quality improvements.

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A large academic health system aligns their diverse medical facilities to improve care delivery

Aligning cost and quality strategies systemwide for market growth

Initially each facility maintained services and analytics used to guide goal planning and performance improvement independently. After expanding their use of the Vizient clinical and operational analytics, advisory and group purchasing organization services the health system quickly generated efficiencies and savings.

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Nurse residency program increases nurse retention by improving transition to practice

NYC Health + Hospitals takes a comprehensive approach to support first-year nurses

NYC Health + Hospitals partnered with Vizient to implement residency program addressing high nurse turnover rates. The program aimed to provide the clinical and emotional support from leadership that new nurses needed. By scaling up the program, the health system retained more nurses and reduced turnover rates, resulting in significant cost savings and improved patient care. The success of the program has even attracted nurses from outside to join the system.

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Collaboration, leadership and data improve patient care

UCLA Health’s leadership ensures continuous, sustained improvement

UCLA Health has a unified trio of leaders who have been guiding the organization to repeated successes in their journey of continuous, sustained improvement since 2014. This trio relies on a framework to facilitate positive change called MOVERS which taps into their organizational culture unifies their teams around a systemwide quality improvement effort.

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Evolving a healthcare strategic partnership

Using data and repeatable processes to drive savings

Baptist Memorial Health Care partnered with Vizient beyond its original GPO contract to a total performance management agreement. The health system is on track to achieve the goal of $73 million in cost savings and added revenue across workforce, pharmacy, supply chain and purchased services opportunities.

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A data-driven approach to capacity management

A data-driven approach to capacity management

Los Angeles-based Keck Medicine of the University of Southern California embarked on a multiyear initiative to optimize the movement of patients through its facilities; known simply as patient flow. Thanks to staff-wide commitment — and with the valued assistance of Vizient data and analytics tools — the length of hospital stays has been significantly reduced.

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Optimizing healthcare staffing leads to $6.9 million in savings and higher productivity

A large health system partners with Vizient to improve contracting staffing processes and drive efficiency

One large health system uses Vizient technology and expertise to achieve labor efficiencies across multiple sites of care by identifying ideal staffing ratios, standardizing rates, improving productivity and reducing contract labor expenses.

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Finding more hours in the day at Yuma Regional Medical Center

Caring for a unique population, Yuma Regional Medical Center faced extra pressure to maximize its use of time. Can a process take fewer hours and still lead to better results?

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New clinical pathway for hip fractures streamlines processes and improves care across 12 hospitals

Sentara Healthcare improves care quality and hospital flow for patients with hip fractures

Sentara Healthcare developed a new clinical pathway to streamline hip fracture care that achieves four primary goals: Get the patient into surgery as quickly as possible, focus on early mobility and ambulating, reduce dependence on opioids and discharge patients to the appropriate care setting.

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How leaders at an academic medical center system use data to advance health equity

A data-driven approach to rise above health inequity

A large academic health system was working to create a more inclusive culture by providing education and training on diversity, equity and inclusion and appointing a vice president and chief health equity officer to advance health equity. The new leader participated in the Vizient Health Equity Strategy Accelerator and collaborated with peers from health systems around the country.

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Hear from five health systems leaders on the principles that underpin high performance

We brought together CEOs from five health systems to share how they build a first-class culture by focusing on benchmarking, systemness, innovation and health equity.

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