VHA and University HealthSystem Consortium are Vizient

If you are an existing VHA, University HealthSystem Consortium, or Children's Hospital Association member, you can access your account on our legacy website by clicking below.

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Vizient suppliers

If you are a supplier under the legacy Novation brand, you can access your account by clicking below. Your business email address serves as the username you use to access the supplier dashboard.  

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What has changed for you?

As we continue our company integration to best serve all Vizient members, we have combined legacy websites from VHA, University HealthSystem Consortium and Novation onto one platform. That means one place to access all tools, reports, events and information.

As part of the transition, we have changed our security protocol: Your business email address is the username you enter to access the site, along with a password that meets requirements for strong passwords.

If you experience issues with logging in or resetting your password, please review our troubleshooting guide or contact Member Support.

If you were previously a MedAssets member, you can continue to access your account information through MedAssets Connect.

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