Vizient's podcast channels are dedicated to critical issues you face: health care strategy, performance improvement and of course, patient care.  Whether your work is focused on the here and now at the patient's bedside or looking toward the future and your organization's long-term health, our podcasts feature subject matter experts from the Vizient/Sg2 teams and your colleagues across the membership.  Subscribe to our channels on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher and new episodes will come right to your phone, tablet or computer every week.

Care to Lead

Care to Lead is your path to success! In this exciting podcast, nursing executives reveal their leadership journey. Every path is unique and their candid stories will surprise you. What you hear may be the very thing that launches your own career. The podcast is hosted by Nicole Gruebling, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, associate vice president, Member Connections, and brought to you by the Vizient Member Networks Nurse Executives Network.
  •   Tracey Moffatt, System Chief Nursing Officer, Ochsner Health

    Tracey Moffatt, System Chief Nursing Officer at Ochsner Health has a heart-felt discussion with Dr. Nicole Gruebling, Vice President of Clinical Networks at Vizient. Tracey believes curiosity, being open to change and problem-solving skills are key factors to her success as a nursing leader.  She says...

  •   Pat Patton, System Chief Nurse Executive, UCSF Health

    Pat Patton, System Chief Nurse Executive at UCSF Health has a refreshing discussion with Dr. Nicole Gruebling, Vice President of Clinical Networks at Vizient. He says that everyone is a leader. In order to succeed you need to know the vernacular of health care and envision where you want your career t...

  •   Anna J. Kiger, System Chief Nursing Officer, Sutter Health

    Anna J. Kiger, System Chief Nursing Officer at Sutter Health has a thoughtful discussion with Dr. Nicole Gruebling, associate vice president of Member Connections at Vizient. She discusses the importance of mentors, giving back to others and reflecting on your decisions. 


    Guest s...

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Crosswinds Podcast

Crosswinds is a series of casual conversations with national thought leaders hosted by Tom Robertson, executive director of the Vizient Research Institute. New episodes released every month feature the brightest people in health care considering questions that others haven't thought to ask – always remarkable, never exactly what you'd expect, and having fun along the way. Crosswinds: Two old friends sitting in comfortable chairs… talking.
  •   Mark Wietecha, CEO Children’s Hospital Association (Part 2)

    Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute and Mark Wietecha, CEO of the Children’s Hospital Association, return to consider macroeconomic topics centered around the concept of health care in a “culture of capitalism” as Mark describes it. The discussion considers opportunitie...

  •   Mark Wietecha, CEO Children’s Hospital Association (Part 1)

    Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute sits down with Mark Wietecha, CEO of the Children’s Hospital Association to discuss the similarities and differences between adult medicine and pediatrics, with particular attention to settings involving tertiary care, research and ed...

  •   Marc L. Boom, President and CEO Houston Methodist (Part 2)

    Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute and Dr. Marc Boom, President and CEO of Houston Methodist, return to compare the U.S. health care system to other countries, contemplate challenges rooted in the fragmented financing system, and discuss the importance of addressing he...

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Knowledge on the Go Podcast

The Vizient PI Collaboratives team hosts podcasts throughout the year on issues related to leading and managing systems, engaging your workforce and optimizing care delivery.
  •   Patient Transitions to Post-Acute Care

    It’s estimated that 40% of all Medicare patients go into post-acute care and of those, nearly 23% are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. This podcast highlights what one organization plans to do to reduce their readmissions.



    Heidi Young, RN


  •   Clinical Documentation Improvement

    In this program, Michelle McCormick, Revenue Integrity Director, Clinical Documentation Integrity and Mark LeBlanc, Manager Clinical Documentation Integrity, both at Stanford Health, discuss how they shaped their successful CDI program through the fundamentals of prioritization, clarity and transparen...

  •   Supply Chain Resiliency

    In this program, Ed Bonetti from UMass Memorial Health Care and Vizient shares his insights on how the COVID pandemic exposed the difference between strategic and actual preparedness of the medical supply chain. a Vizient PI Collaborative helped them to learn from each other and prepare to re-evaluate...

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Modern Practice Podcast

Modern Practice is your curbside consult with top clinicians from around the country. This exciting podcast series features medical experts sharing their ideas and approaches for the latest strategic trends and clinical challenges. Hosted by Dr. Tom Villanueva and brought to you by the Vizient Medical Leadership team.
  •   Accreditation services – Part 2

    A strategy to achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance is important more than ever, especially in the wake of COVID-19 when regulatory agencies ramp up their efforts again. On this episode, we’ll discuss how health care organizations can face the challenges they face in achieving compliance.

  •   Accreditation services – Part 1

    Health care organizations need a comprehensive strategy to achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance. At stake are crucial certification and approval ratings and, more crucial, patient and workplace safety. On this two-part series, we’ll examine the current status of regulatory and accreditation...

  •   Readmission reduction – Part 2

    The last episode of this two-part series covered why readmissions occur. This episode explores those causes in more depth – the clinical and social issues underneath readmissions—and what health care organizations can do to prevent these from happening.


    Guest speaker:


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Sg2 Perspectives Podcast

Sg2 Perspectives brings together Sg2 experts and health care industry thought leaders to discuss popular Sg2 publications, key event takeaways and other strategic topics keeping health system leadership teams up at night. The podcast is hosted by Trevor DaRin and Kelly Richard, and new episodes will be released every other Wednesday. Contact Trevor and Kelly anytime at
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VentureSprout Podcast

Hear about health care’s latest endeavors and pioneering ideas on VentureSprout, a podcast featuring spin-ups and newcos developed by Vizient members across the country. Hosted by Crystal Mullis, vice president of virtual and venture member connections, this podcast connects you to newco executives and health system founders whose innovative ideas will transform health care. Guests are participants of the Member-back Ventures, an exclusive offering of Vizient Member Networks.
  •   b.well Connected Health – Part 2

    This episode continues the discussion around the benefits of b.well Connected Health, a digital solution that minimizes the fragmentation patients usually experience when accessing health care. It gives them the ability to create and customize their access and allows them to pull in their data from ac...

  •   b.well Connected Health – Part 1

    When Kristen Valdes learned her daughter had a significant autoimmune condition, it started a long, arduous journey through the health care system to find diagnosis and treatment. This experience formed the basis for b.well Connected Health, a health care solution that allows individual patients to ta...

  •   Medically Home – Part 2

    “All of the plans that I’ve seen … have always tried to restructure health care based on moving the money. … The real focus needs to be on the movement of care and the change of care.” These are the words of today’s guest, who continues his discussion about Medically Home, where the emphasis is the re...

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VerifiedRx Podcast

VerifiedRx is your prescription for success! Experts from across the industry take on your frontline challenges and verify best practices for solving them. The podcast is produced by the Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence and new episodes are released on the first Tuesday of the month. For more information, please contact
  •   Vizient Pharmacy Vision Awards: success story in innovation

    Megan LaBreck, Antiarrhythmic Clinic Pharmacist at OhioHealth and winner of the Vizient Pharmacy Vision Award for Excellence in Innovation, discusses her program that transfers the management of nearly 1,400 patients on an antiarrhythmic drug and their monitoring from the exclusive management of a phy...

  •   When your cup is empty: secondary traumatic stress in pharmacy practice

    The pressures and stress of traumatic clinical events affects everyone in the room including pharmacists. Two pharmacists, Jennifer Mando-Vandrick, Clinical Pharmacist in Emergency Medicine at Duke University Hospital and Philippe Mentler, Consulting Director of Pharmacy at Vizient, discuss the emotio...

  •   A periop love story: sugamma-next? Or stay with your (neo) ex?

    The debate on whether to use sugammadex or neostigmine has heated up dramatically in recent years. Two industry experts, Eric Johnson, perioperative critical care pharmacist at UK HealthCare, and Stacy Lauderdale, senior director for drug information at Vizient, discuss the many considerations involve...

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