Vizient's podcast channels are dedicated to critical issues you face: health care strategy, performance improvement and of course, patient care.  Whether your work is focused on the here and now at the patient's bedside or looking toward the future and your organization's long-term health, our podcasts feature subject matter experts from the Vizient/Sg2 teams and your colleagues across the membership.  Subscribe to our channels on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher and new episodes will come right to your phone, tablet or computer every week.

Care to Lead

Care to Lead is your path to success! In Season 2, nursing leaders across a variety of settings and industries will share their candid stories, how they help spur nursing innovation in their respective fields and what nurses in any stage of their career can do to shape the present and future of nursing. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Barbara Seymour and brought to you by the Vizient Chief Nurse Executives Network.
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Crosswinds Podcast

Crosswinds is a series of casual conversations with national thought leaders hosted by Tom Robertson, executive director of the Vizient Research Institute. New episodes released every month feature the brightest people in health care considering questions that others haven't thought to ask – always remarkable, never exactly what you'd expect, and having fun along the way. Crosswinds: Two old friends sitting in comfortable chairs… talking.
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Knowledge on the Go Podcast

The Vizient PI Collaboratives team hosts podcasts throughout the year on issues related to leading and managing systems, engaging your workforce and optimizing care delivery.
  •    Improving Health Equity

    Adults with food insecurities have an increased risk for negative health outcomes, including obesity and chronic disease; and children with food insecurities may be at a higher risk for obesity, developmental problems and mental health issues. In this podcast, we’ll discuss what Main Line Health is d...
  •    Engaging stakeholders in quality through system communications

    This episode features a team using a systemwide approach to communicate quality data and engage their stakeholders. Through this ongoing process, they have forged relationships that have improved patient care throughout the Intermountain Healthcare organization.   Guest speakers: Bon...
  •    Using AI for early detection of sepsis

    CDC statistics suggest that one in three people who die in a hospital have sepsis. Furthermore, in almost 87% of cases the patient had sepsis or a sepsis-causing infection before admission to the hospital. Innovative healthcare organizations are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI)...
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Modern Practice Podcast

Modern Practice is your curbside consult with top clinicians from around the country. This exciting podcast series features medical experts sharing their ideas and approaches for the latest strategic trends and clinical challenges. Hosted by Dr. Tom Villanueva and brought to you by the Vizient Medical Leadership team.
  •    The impact of drug shortages, Part 2

    On this episode of our award-winning podcast, we continue our series on the various drug shortages occurring today and what organizations and practices can do about them.   Guest speaker: Mittal Sutaria, PharmD Senior Vice President Contract and Program Services, Pharmacy Vizient<...
  •    The impact of drug shortages, Part 1

    For a long time, drug shortages have made a tremendous impact on clinical practice, but now, because of the pandemic and its aftermath, those shortages are acute. This new series will cover the various shortages that are occurring today and what we can do about them. Guest speaker: Mittal Su...
  •    Preparing for flu season: vaccines and Tamiflu

    After a short hiatus, by and large, during the COVID outbreak, influenza is returning, with severe outbreaks in South America and other areas. This episode updates this situation and examines the preventions and treatments best for combating the flu.   Guest speaker: Stacy Lauderdale...
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Sg2 Perspectives Podcast

Sg2 Perspectives brings together Sg2 experts and health care industry thought leaders to discuss popular Sg2 publications, key event takeaways and other strategic topics keeping health system leadership teams up at night. The podcast is hosted by Trevor DaRin and Kelly Richard, and new episodes will be released every other Wednesday. Contact Trevor and Kelly anytime at
  •    Focusing on the Senior Population to Strategically Reshape Primary Care

    Strategic approaches for primary care are more tailored and precise than ever, so this week on Sg2 Perspectives, host Tori Richie is joined by Sg2 Senior Director Trevor DaRin and Director Stephanie Snider as they dig into targeting the senior population to help redesign primary care. Tori, Trevor an...
  •    What Health Care Boards and C-suite Teams Are Talking About in Fall 2022

    This week on Sg2 Perspectives, host Trevor DaRin joins Sg2 Principals Brian Esser and Jennifer O’Connor, FACHE, in discussing what Sg2 is hearing from our member leadership teams and boards on the largest issues they’re facing today. Trevor, Brian and Jennifer share the big themes (eg, finance, workf...
  •    Focusing on Value in the Payer-Provider Landscape

    This week on Sg2 Perspectives, we invited Sg2 Content Director Rich Daly, Principal Brian Esser and Senior Consultant Sushma Narra to break down the research they’ve been doing around current trends in the health care payer landscape. Brian and Sushma discuss payer behavior, bringing strategy to the ...
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VentureSprout Podcast

Hear about health care’s latest endeavors and pioneering ideas on VentureSprout, a podcast featuring spin-ups and newcos developed by Vizient members across the country. Hosted by Crystal Mullis, vice president of virtual and venture member connections, this podcast connects you to newco executives and health system founders whose innovative ideas will transform health care. Guests are participants of the Member-back Ventures, an exclusive offering of Vizient Member Networks.
  •    Jvion and CareSignal - Part2

    This episode continues the discussion with two leaders who are championing a new way to deliver care and minimize healthcare disparities.   Guest speakers: Soy Chen, MS Chief Data Scientist Jvion   Blake Marggraff, BS Chief Executive Officer CareSignal  
  •    Jvion and CareSignal - Part 1

    To improve and enhance the venture experience for Vizient members, this podcast will leverage a digital strategy execution that will de-risk investments and procurement decisions. This episode features two leaders who are championing a new way to deliver care and minimize healthcare disparities. ...
  •    DispatchHealth and Inova - Part 2

    DispatchHealth brings the services of an emergency room to the patient’s door, providing convenience and lower costs without sacrificing care. This episode continues our discussion on how the DispatchHealth approach has benefitted patients of a large health system in Northern Virginia.   ...
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VerifiedRx Podcast

VerifiedRx is your prescription for success! Experts from across the industry take on your frontline challenges and verify best practices for solving them. The podcast is produced by the Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence and new episodes are released on the first Tuesday of the month. For more information, please contact

Vizient recently wins a Hermes Creative Award for VerifiedRx!

Hermes Creative Awards is administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The international organization consists of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, digital media production, and freelance professionals. There were about 6,500 entries from throughout the United States and 27 other countries in the Hermes Creative Awards 2022 competition.

The winning submission is available at: Rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, oh my! The antivenins for crotalid envenomation. You can also read more details in our press release.

  •    The new R&R: pharmacy technician recruitment & retention

    Drs. Meghan Swarthout and Michael Alwan share their challenges around technician recruiting and retention in the current landscape for health care organizations.   Guest speakers: Meghan Swarthout, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, FASHP Director, Pharmacy Patient Care Services and Population Heal...
  •    There’s no place like Hospital at Home

    Dr. Lorie Gull, Manager of Pharmacy Operations at UMass Memorial Medical Center and Dr. John Folstad, Pharmacy Operations Manager at Mayo Clinic Health System share their insights on the accelerating shift of eligible patient care out of an in-patient setting, pre and post COVID-19. They also discuss...
  •    Vax Romana: Peace of mind through preventing COVID-19 vaccine errors

    Dr. John Schoen and Dr. Emily Diehl share the complexities and very real potential for errors of the various COVID-19 vaccines. Multiple platforms, volumes, indications, as well as the dilution and storage instructions all contribute to the risk.   Guest speakers: John Schoen, PharmD...
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