Leading by example: How Ochsner Health prepared for drug shortages

Getting ahead of potential shortages of critical drugs and medical supplies is an ever-present concern as a pharmacy leader. After Hurricane Maria disrupted supply chain lines, Debbie Simonson began thinking about other potential shortages. Simonson asked Vizient for their input on a list of critical drugs that were vulnerable to shortages, whether caused by natural disasters or other supply chain disruptions.

During the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for vital ventilation medications skyrocketed to 1,400% (more than available). Simonson and the Ochsner team had a strategy in place for accessing these essential medications to meet exploding demand. They worked with Vizient and through their Novaplus Enhanced Supply program, they were able to secure additional inventory of ventilation medications as well as other essential medications and supplies.

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"Being on the Pharmacy Executive Council gives me the opportunity to meet with pharmacy leaders from some of the most prestigious integrated delivery networks across the country. That, in itself, is beneficial to both me and my organization."

Simonson DeborahDebbie Simonson
System Vice President of
Pharmacy Services
Ochsner Health

Collaborative discussions for leaders across the Pharmacy Executive Council

Debbie Simonson serves as the chair of Vizient's Pharmacy Executive Council, consisting of pharmacy leaders from 25 of the top academic medical centers and integrated health systems across the Vizient membership. Having access to the experience and expertise of other council members is an incredible resource to help strategic planning at a national level. If a trend is happening in the Midwest, but hasn’t reached Louisiana yet, council members know about it ahead of time, and can develop strategies to maximize benefits and minimize disruption.

The patient care impact and additional expense of white and brown bagging

Vizient surveyed its members on the patient care and economic costs of white bagging. This study provides Vizient member insights on the growing trend of white and brown bagging and the impact to health system pharmacies.

Download report for detailed survey findings

Managing COVID-19 vaccines and monoclonal antibodies

In this panel discussion, Myra Thomas, BS Pharma, MBA, assistant vice president of pharmacy, Ochsner Medical, shares her experience in rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations and streamlining operations.

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