Member needs drive our strategy

We exist to make our members successful. To help them navigate the dynamic health industry, we actively engage with and listen to our members to ensure we are focused on their most pressing needs. As a result of this member feedback, our strategy is built around these primary member needs: ensuring a sustainable cost structure, reducing unnecessary clinical and operational variation, improving clinical outcomes, and executing strategies for market success.

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While Vizient’s size has grown, we remain focused on preserving and advancing the practices that have fueled our past success. Our strategy is driven by member needs, and throughout the coming year, we will frame our solutions on a platform that specifically addresses these priorities for performance improvement.

Ensure our members deliver exceptional, cost-effective care.

Connect members with the knowledge, solutions and expertise that accelerate performance.

Become an indispensable partner for members, to become a leader in innovation, and to accelerate growth.

Our performance improvement platforms position members for success

Optimize supply chain

Optimize supply operations

We deliver solutions that help lower your supply costs, achieve clinical and supply integration and drive operational efficiencies.

Improve care delivery

Improve care delivery

Our top clinical analytics and care team solutions balance quality and cost effectiveness of care to improve patient outcomes.

Maximize pharmacy performance

Maximize pharmacy performance

Our pharmacy analytics, extensive GPO portfolio and expert consulting help you stabilize and manage spend and improve clinical pharmacy care – transforming member pharmacies into strategic business assets.

Evolve strategies to grow and compete

Evolve strategies to grow and compete

We help you prepare for the future of health care with our powerful tools, intelligence and experts enabling more informed, faster decision-making to drive growth and competitive advantage.

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The Care Equation

Our approach

This framework illustrates how Vizient helps members with one of their greatest challenges: solving The Care Equation. Providers must define their specific care equation, factoring in their situation, geography, patient mix and care delivery model. But ultimately they are all looking for the best way to deliver high-quality, affordable care to families and communities.

Vizient can help them achieve this through flexible, tailored solutions that enable them to progress from where they are to where they want to be.

Find solutions to your most pressing challenges

C-level leaders

Accelerate performance and improve operations and quality of care with powerful analytics for smarter, faster decision-making.

Clinical leaders

Improve quality, cost effectiveness and patient care with top clinical analytics and care team optimization solutions.

Supply chain leaders

Prioritize, track and measure supply chain operations to achieve intelligent, sustainable cost structure.

Pharmacy leaders

Transform your pharmacy into a strategic asset with solutions to safely and effectively manage drug distribution.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you with your health care improvement goals.