CEO spotlight on how to harness high-performance principles

We have convened leaders from five health systems to share the principles they’ve used to build a first-class culture including benchmarking, systemness, innovation and health equity.

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Principles of high performing organizations

Keys to high performance

How to describe top performers: Caring. Impactful. Innovative.

Bolster quality through benchmarking

Whether the path ahead is smooth or a little bumpy, achieving high performance begins with objectively assessing exactly where you are on your journey to enhanced quality and operational efficiency, not only against your competition and peers but also within your own system. Read the blog post

Using data to track and improve performance has long been a hallmark of high-quality healthcare.

Achieve consistency with systemness

Provide a consistent, high-quality experience for patients and employees by integrating all aspects of governance, operations and workflows — which, as an added bonus, can also enhance margins and bolster loyalty. Read the case study

Having a North Star of data helped keep people on task when things were happening outside of our control.

David Priest, MD, MPH

Senior Vice President and Chief Safety and Quality Officer, Novant Health

Focus on the future through innovation

Healthcare plays host to a bevy of frontiers just waiting to be explored including artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and entirely new ways of engaging patients and staff. Add to that the potential for partnering with industry disruptors, and the future feels limitless. Read the report

Data is the key to unlocking high performance.

David Levine

Chief Medical Officer, Vizient

Create equitable access to care

You must meet your community’s most vulnerable where they are — and not just in the figurative sense. The reality is that those who need you most may not have the means for consistent care, which is why health equity means more than just thinking outside the box. Read the case study

The rigor of the process is important.

Vice President and Chief Health Equity Officer

Build a dynamic internal culture

At the heart of high performance is a healthy culture that supports continuous improvement and enhances teamwork. How to build one? Start with data. Watch the video

Leaders must ask themselves how to create a culture to build high reliability.

Allan Frankel, MD

Executive Principal, Vizient

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