Vizient Procurement Services will accelerate the adoption of leading practices and achieve sustainable cost savings by standardizing and optimizing the procurement function across your health system. Our team of procurement experts will manage your purchase transactions from requisition to payment using proprietary technology to optimize many time consuming back office functions, freeing up your resources to focus on strategic supply chain cost reduction initiatives.

Leading change at Yale New Haven

Lori Lee, SVP of clinical operations at Yale New Haven Health, led the transition to a new medical supply distributor amid the COVID-19 pandemic and helped staff rapidly adopt new or personal protective equipment.

It is easy to overlook the operational efficiency of administrative functions, but the impact of doing so can result in noticeable operational breakdowns. In a healthcare environment where operational efficiency is critical, taking advantage of the solutions that are proven and readily available is simple.

Our procurement services work as an extension of your operation to:

  • Leverage technology to provide economies of scale, discipline, and standardization of the procurement process across the entire enterprise
  • Ensure procurement functions are provided with the highest possible customer service and support
  • Provide a suite of analytics to measure the health of procurement operations against best in class benchmarks
  • Manage purchase price discrepancies and ensures the right price is paid for contracted supplies and services
  • Manage the entire purchase order life-cycle including expedites, backorders and receiving discrepancies,
  • Increase throughput and productivity. Processing on average >1,500 purchase orders/FTE/month

The case for supply chain transformation

It is tempting to assume that your team is operating at peak efficiency but all the effort that goes into contracting and with few (or sometimes no) operational metrics, can you gauge your organization’s operational efficiency? How do you ensure that you are capturing that pricing at the point of purchase?

For healthcare leaders, the imperative to deliver cost savings is at an all-time high. In the new healthcare landscape, where on-time product fulfillment is as critical as ever, doing so at any cost is no longer a sustainable approach. Today’s approach requires supply chain to get the product to patient’s bedside on time, at the right price, according to the terms of each vendor agreement.

The good news

There is a way to increase the efficiency within the procurement function that can increase throughput and productivity. Once the operations are optimized, in many cases productivity can improve by 2-3x while standardizing procurement processes.

Vizient Procurement Services provide discipline and standardization with the highest possible customer service and support to manage procurement operations that meet best-in-class benchmarks resulting in increased throughput and productivity.


Why this solution works:

Holistic approach

Our solution takes a holistic approach to the procurement function to help your health system behave like a system.


We standardize and document the procurement function to add discipline and controls where they may not exist or where they may have been overlooked.

Supply continuity

We ensure continuity of supplies by bringing visibility to second sourcing, backorder and open PO management.

Measuring improvement

We implement metrics and controls to measure and improve the productivity of the purchasing department. Our metrics and controls ensure POs are processed and paid on time, at the right price, to maximize prompt pay discounts.

Price resolution

We work your health system’s back-log of unpaid POs, systematically resolving price discrepancies so your POs are current while holding vendors accountable to the terms of your purchasing agreements to ensure you do not pay more than you owe.

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