Supply Assurance: building a reliable, cost-effective supply chain

Managing your costs has never been more important. One of your biggest cost drivers, your supply chain, must be reliable and cost effective for you to be successful. That’s been hard the past few years with market disruptions and unstable pricing.

You need dependability, and Vizient can deliver it. With Vizient Assurance, providers can be confident that you’ll have the supplies you need, when you need them, to provide the best care possible. We’ll also ensure you get the most value from every dollar you spend, despite today’s ever-changing conditions. That’s our commitment to you. Learn more about our interrelated Assurance strategies.

Member resources

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Stay current on market changes, understand supply access and cost impacts with these supply chain assurance resources and information. Do you need supply chain support? Contact us.

Supply chain resources

    Price Assurance Resources
    • Price Assurance FAQ - Learn how working together with suppliers, members and supply analytic insights, we help ensure value is accessible, regardless of market dynamics.
    • Budget Impact Projections report - Included in this semiannual report are Vizient's price change projections on medical supplies, equipment and purchased services. In addition, it contains detailed trends and forecasts on more than 30 raw materials and indexes.
    • Material manufacturing briefs - As a complement to the Budget Impact Projections report, Vizient brings together market news and expert insights in Manufacturing Insights Briefs. These timely documents inform you about raw materials and other factors and conditions that are currently affecting the supply chain.

      Supply chain programs

      Vizient delivers unmatched savings and value through the industry’s most comprehensive supply chain programs. Learn how Vizient has you covered through the additional inventory of  essential products, diversifying your supply chain through domestically manufactured products and more.

        Contract coverage updates

        Contract coverage updates provide a summary of changing contract coverage with information to help mitigate the changes including programmatic impact and cross-reference support.

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        Vizient members can access these valuable supply and medication resources to not only mitigate supply vulnerabilities, but also discover actionable insights and solutions, increasing the reliability and quality of care.

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        How we can help improve your access to essential medications and critical supplies

        Supply assurance weekly digest

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        Improving care with additional essential product access

        Novaplus Enhanced Supply delivers access to additional inventory of essential medications and products. Our awarded suppliers produce additional supply to mitigate supply chain risk.


        Connecting industry leaders to end drug shortages

        The End Drug Shortage Alliance is a collaboration of select health systems, leaders in supply chain and other industry stakeholders dedicated to solving pharmaceutical supply challenges.

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        Learn about how Vizient is helping to mitigate price increases

        As you face unprecedented financial and operational challenges, Vizient is here to help. Our data and expertise help our providers lessen the impact. Read our latest Budget Impact Projections Report to gain insight on anticipated price changes over the next 18 months and plan for them now. 

        Read the new Budget Impact Projections report

        Vizient Assurance insight and news

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        Learning events for building your supply assurance acumen