Manage spend, access essential drugs and improve quality outcomes

Your pharmacy’s impact reaches almost every area of your organization—getting critical drugs to patients, providing expert staff when needed, ensuring regulatory compliance, and so much more. Members depend on Vizient’s data-driven insights to help achieve cost efficiencies, performance gains, and clinical improvements. From inpatient to outpatient care, we deliver solutions that optimize your pharmacy for high-quality patient care and financial growth.


contracted products, including generics, brand, biosimilars, plasma, radiopharmaceuticals

How we can help

We monitor the pharmaceutical market 24/7, so you don't have do to.

Access essential medications

With market insights and ongoing identification of essential medications as the foundation, our drug shortage strategies drive additional supply into the market.

We are dedicated to developing solutions to resolve drug shortages. From our essential medications list to our Novaplus programs, we offer resources that deliver additional inventory of essential medications and products.

Solutions to mitigate your drug shortages

This program delivers additional inventory of essential medications that are critical to your clinicians' ability to provide immediate and high-quality patient care. Under the program, suppliers provide additional inventory of essential products to mitigate supply disruptions and demand surge. The program improves supply chain resiliency and helps end product shortages via transparency, accountability and commitment to supply.

Learn more about Novaplus Enhanced Supply

Based on the tenets of Novaplus Enhanced Supply, this program offers dedicated inventory for participating health systems. With additional commitment, Vizient members receive additional rebate value, plus other extended benefits of program participation that improve protection from drug shortages.

Vizient founded the End Drug Shortages Alliance, whose vision is to end drug shortages by ensuring access to essential medications and improving quality of life for patients that rely on those medications.

Learn about the End Drug Shortages Alliance

For many patients with cancer in the U.S., the generic injectable medications preferred for treatment may not currently be available. This challenge is in part due to a national shortage of various oncology medications.

-Vizient report, August 2023

Reduce drug spend

Our expansive portfolio of more than 12,000 products supports health systems and hospitals with sourcing strategies to fit your organization’s needs and objectives, while delivering choice and value across all types of spend.

Our contract portfolio sets your pharmacy up to be a strategic business asset and competitive advantage. Offerings include brand, generics, plasma, specialty, biosimilar, contrast and radiopharmaceutical products.

Read the white paper: Managing the immunoglobulin supply gap

Novaplus, the Vizient private-label, delivers additional financial value, quality and support on pharmaceuticals, medical-surgical products, and purchased services offerings. Many of the nation’s leading healthcare systems rely on Novaplus for consistent access, market-competitive pricing and on-going value for almost 50% of the drugs considered in short supply today. On average, Novaplus pharmaceutical products offer a 20 percent total value for Vizient members.

Watch video: The Value of Novaplus

Pharmacy leaders must effectively manage pharmacy costs while also optimizing quality of care, leveraging data with clinical evidence to drive decisions, and implementing utilization improvement strategies. The Vizient Pharmacy Aggregation Groups Program represents more than $47B annual pharmacy spend and $500M+ in member value and empowers members to:

  • Collaborate with peers real-time in a safe, trusted environment
  • Access Vizient executive peer resources to stay on the forefront of key trends
  • Use robust data analytics, summaries and reports for opportunity identification

RxCommit is a sourcing solution for Vizient members who are ready to standardize their formulary preference in specific categories to get volume contract savings.The program is appropriate for a continuum ranging from small, rural and independently controlled members to large integrated delivery networks and academic medical centers, including acute and non-acute care. RxCommit staff works with members to facilitate communication.

Biosimilars savings in the U.S. from 2014-2022


Source: Report: 2021 U.S. Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Savings Report, Association for Accessible Medicines

Improve clinical and operational insights

Our experienced advisers provide operational and therapeutic class expertise in utilization, staffing, operations, and regulatory compliance, while guiding members to achieve lower cost of care.
Vizient uses data-driven insights to help members achieve impressive cost efficiencies, performance gains, and clinical improvements. We provide expertise and performance improvement across a variety of areas, including pharmacy operations, clinical and outpatient, and 340B Program consulting. Leverage our extensive pharmacy expertise
Vizient cell and gene therapy solutions offer comprehensive support to tackle access, financial and operational challenges in the rapidly growing market of advanced therapies for rare and genetic disorders. From consulting to community networking, our team of experts will work with you to make sure the quality of patient care isn't disrupted. Explore our cell and gene therapy solutions
Drug costs are a significant and growing expense for health systems. Transparency into reliable pharmacy analytics is critical to making informed decisions in order to level prices and improve accessibility and utilization. With real-time visibility into expense management across all care settings, organizations rely on Vizient Pharmacy Analytics to redefine pharmacy as a strategic contributor in a hospital’s ability to reduce pharmaceutical spend while improving outcomes. Learn more about Vizient Pharmacy Analytics
The Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence monitors, informs, connects and advocates for Vizient members by applying clinical and operational knowledge on pharmaceutical market developments and key policy changes that impact access to therapy, drug spend, patient outcomes and market performance. In 2021 a total of about 2,800 continuing education credits were received by members via webinars provided by the Vizient Center for Pharmacy Practice Excellence. Tandem offerings include the VerifiedRx monthly podcast, CE webinars on clinical pharmacy topics and more. Listen to VerifiedRx
This bi-annual report, developed by Vizient pharmacy experts, is a comprehensive review of pharmacy inflationary rate projections, as well as industry challenges and market shifts impacting both drug prices and product access. Read our latest projections

Projected drug price inflation rate


July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025

Drive organizational performance in non-acute care

Vizient provides comprehensive solutions for non-acute care, including ambulatory care, specialty pharmacy, home infusion and pharmacy benefit optimization. Our experts focus on both high-quality patient support and the successful financial performance.

Vizient offers ambulatory and specialty pharmacy consulting solutions that provide customized business plan development, implementation, and accreditation support for a fully integrated, patient-focused solutions.

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This network brings together health system oncology practices and clinics to drive savings and achieve high-quality patient outcomes. Members receive the following benefits:

  • Participation in the nation’s largest member-driven Oncology Network
  • Access to cost-savings initiatives with proven results and better clinical outcomes
  • Collaboration with like-minded oncology systems seeking common endpoints
  • Sharing pharmacy oncology best practices through discussion and in-person/on-site rotating meetings

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For self-insured health systems, Alluma is the pharmacy benefit illuminator that optimizes pharmacy resources, strives for clinical partnership and ensures pass-through saving that ensure high quality care and healthy outcomes for the organization’s workforce.

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Pharmaceuticals have exponentially advanced with new infusion drugs available to treat disease states, many of which can be administered in ambulatory environments.

Vizient Sites of Infusion Care report
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Vizient improves drug spend and access to essential medications

  • $310M

    per year. Annualized financial impact of white bagging

  • $345M

    per year. Annual cost of labor needed to manage drug shortages

  • $470M

    Inventory cost avoidance through Novaplus Enhanced Supply

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    Aggregate to save

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    Ensure supply

    through our programs that provide access to additional inventory of essential medications

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    Optimize financial impact

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    Improve patient care and outcomes

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    Leverage our expertise

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