Our Focus

Captis is a collaborative healthcare organization delivering savings and value for members through aggregation and committed spend. Captis members participate in a portfolio of contracts (Commodity, Clinical Preference, Medical Device and Pharmacy) and programs (supply chain, clinical, pharmacy and finance). The group seeks to increase efficiencies and reduce expenses by aggregating spend and redesigning supply chain processes. With 90+ members, 300+ contracts in its portfolio and $25 billion in annual member spend potential, Captis has documented $1.77 billion in savings since 2008. Captis is supported by two service providers: Mayo Clinic Supply Chain and Vizient.

The Captis offering includes:

  • Centralized sourcing and contracting services with 300+ agreements enhanced through member commitment to volume, market share and compliance
  • Innovation and investment programs (clinical, finance, pharmacy, supply chain) that deliver improved savings, revenue, member incentives/efficiencies and member participation/engagement
  • Emphasis on transformational supply chain activity
  • Member aligned strategy, vision and governance

Captis Members

Our member driven and owned organization spans the United States and has evolved into an industry leader in supply chain and healthcare performance improvement. Captis members commit to centralized sourcing and contracting and together explore supply chain and clinical opportunities. They make decisions collectively based on what is best for the alliance as a whole, rather than individually for their organization. Captis members also hold each other accountable for delivering upon commitments made.

Contact Jenny Mechtel at jenny.mechtel@vizientinc.com or (952) 837-4772 for more information about becoming a Captis member or Amber Trelstad at amber.trelstad@vizientinc.com or (952) 837-4720 with other member inquiries.

Access the Captis member website


Captis works closely with its suppliers to deliver innovative, clinically acceptable and financially beneficial contracts and programs. Captis has become an accomplished and trusted partner to the supplier community differentiated by its ability to deliver on commitments and a structure that enables accountability. Captis and its suppliers work together to achieve mutual success and pursue new forms of value.

Mayo Clinic provides sourcing and contracting services for Captis members. Contracting initiatives engage Captis members in strategy development and follow Mayo Clinic’s go-to-market strategy.  In most cases, contracts are addendums to Vizient base agreements which reflect Captis member aggregated spend or other member commitments such as market share or volume.

Captis uses sourcing strategies that include sole, dual or multi-source awards, site-based sole award commitments / market share, related-category multiple contract awards, rebate incentives, risk share, increased administrative fee, and/or corporate overlays/agreements.

Captis utilizes the aptitude platform for many of its contracting initiatives. In addition, Captis reveal™, a data sharing resource developed with aptitude LLC, allows members and suppliers to access powerful insights that helps maximize compliance and understand overall performance.

Suppliers are requested to work with the Captis Service Provider Team, namely Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management on all membership contractual opportunities. It is requested that suppliers refrain from pursuing individual site-based agreements.

For more information regarding Captis, suppliers should contact Nancy Wobig, Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management, at wobig.nancy@mayo.edu or (507) 538-7173.