Gain transparency and accountability while delivering high-quality, cost-efficient direct-to-employer healthcare 

Rising healthcare costs and dissatisfaction with traditional fee-for-service payment arrangements are motivating self-funded employers to explore working directly with providers to have more control over healthcare costs and the patient experience of their employees. Forward-thinking health systems with a strong emphasis on quality are entering into innovative pay-for-value arrangements to support their commercial growth strategies. Early success from employer-provider partnerships nationwide is inspiring others to chart their own course and explore the potential of direct-to-employer healthcare relationships characterized by transparency and accountability.

Our impact

The time is right for expanded partnerships between employers and health systems looking to enter into transparent, accountable pay-for-value arrangements. Vizient has the experience and expertise to bring together employers and health systems to achieve new levels of value and satisfaction with healthcare services.


expect movement away from traditional fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement


expect growth in direct contracting with employers


feel they need a clearer strategy for developing stronger partnerships with employers

Footnote: Statistics pulled from Vizient Member Survey from July 2022.

Providers who emphasize value are ready to partner with employers

Direct to Employer

Rising healthcare costs demand that employers find new and innovative ways to manage their healthcare spending, while remaining focused on quality and outcomes. Now, more than ever, employers are motivated to work directly with health systems using unique, pay-for-value arrangements.

Since employees have grown frustrated with traditional healthcare offerings, employers are anxious to find provider partners who are willing to enter into transparent and accountable arrangements while providing personalized service to patients.

Vizient has assembled a network of nationally recognized health systems that are committed to working with multi-site employers in new and innovative ways with our Employer Direct Contracting.

Working successfully with employers requires new competencies and a commitment to transparency and accountability


Nearly 65% of the American workforce receives health insurance from their employer through a self-insured arrangement. That means that the employer is responsible for the cost of care for their population. Now, more employers are seeking deeper, direct relationships with providers.

Self-insuring was previously predominant among the largest employers, but now employers with as few as 200 employees are looking for ways to self-fund their health benefit programs and reap the rewards of lower costs and a better patient experience for their employees. Direct, pay-for-value arrangements are being considered by more self-funded employers.

Vizient is uniquely positioned to bring health systems and large, multi-site employers together in direct contracting arrangements through our High Value Network.

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