Vizient Supply Chain Solutions

Truly efficient supply chains have four elements integrated into each supply chain function: strategy, master data, resources, and partnerships. Learn how Vizient® supports and improves each supply chain component to drive efficiency.

Efficiency unchained: moving beyond price improvement to supply chain operational excellence

Reducing product pricing is often the starting point for cutting costs. But price improvements alone often will not deliver the totality of savings health systems need to stay healthy. This white paper introduces an efficiency framework and the various points within supply chain that can benefit from improved efficiency.

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Procure to pay

Vizient Procure-to-Pay solutions help attain your supply chain goals by seamlessly automating your back office procurement operations to increase efficiency while reducing transactional costs.

Savings Actualyzer

Vizient Savings Actualyzer™ helps users identify supply price opportunities and view actual results at the end of an initiative.


Vizient DataLYNX™ helps supply chain professionals control supply spend, ensure data quality and focus on data completeness to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Procedural Analytics

Procedural Analytics gives you the ability to connect procedure item usage with procedural and physician-based information to benchmark for cost, usage and outcomes.