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Efficiency is important — to effectively optimize your supply chain operations, it is critical to know how your health system is performing across the supply chain function.

Use our quiz to score your supply chain efficiency, learn what’s working well for your system and identify areas of opportunity.


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Efficiency unchained

Reduce spend 

Lowering you supply chain expense results in healthier financials for your entire organization.

Efficiency unchained

Reduce cost

Automating transactions can improve accuracy, speed and give teams more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Average time per week clinicians spend tracking supplies and managing inventory

Inventory time takes from time with patients

It's about time. Efficient supply chain operations can improve patient care and clinician satisfaction.

Defining efficiency

Price improvements alone often do not deliver the totality of savings health systems need to sustain a healthy supply chain. Improving price plus efficiency in key operational areas can drive larger long-term success.

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How we guide you to supply chain efficiency

Truly efficient supply chains have four elements integrated into each supply chain function: strategy master data, resources and partnerships. Learn how Vizient supports and improves each supply chain component to drive supply chain efficiency.


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