Actionable data solutions for a new landscape of healthcare

High-quality data acts as the nervous system to core functions of supply chain operations. To remain ahead of the curve, it is time for a more flexible approach to managing an ever-increasing collection of data.

Effective data management requires broader access and visibility into an arsenal of standardized data across each operational area that impacts spend – financial, clinical and supply.

DataLYNX is now Vizient Data Management Platform

We have evolved to support the rapid evolution of healthcare data management needs to drive supply chain operational improvement with enhanced technology solutions, partnerships, and actionable analytics to help you make informed decisions quickly.

  • Improved data accuracy, depth and functionality
  • Single source of truth for broader data sets across financial, clinical and supply
  • Enhanced product advisor support and custom data services created by experts

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Master data. Amplify impact.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that key supply chain data isn’t easy to find when we need it most.

Ensuring that clinicians have access to timely and accurate product data can have dire impacts for staff and patient care outcomes.

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Best in class item master management

The quality of your item master and data management processes has a significant downstream impact on supply chain operations.

Maintaining your item master can minimize costly through improved contract management, time consuming labor and more efficient accounts payable processes

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Item Master Services

Vizient® Item Master Services range from a single clean-up of data to turnkey, full contract module maintenance and management of the item master.

Implementing best practices across processes, data management, and contracting are critical to significantly drive increased efficiency. Our item master management services leverage a team of specialists to conduct contract module maintenance and ERP system alignment to standardize your line item data so you can focus on more strategic activities.

  • Integrated data management aligns item file management with contract module maintenance to standardize your ERP system
  • Improved performance for daily supply chain activities with accurate data available through your ERP to decrease inefficiencies, lost inventory processing time and reduced overall cost
  • Our experts supplement your team to offer flexibility across unique supply chain processes to support your data-driven decisions

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price accuracy between Item Master pricing and Vizient Catalog


item completion within contracted SLA


eligible purchase order lines created using an item master

Contract data feeds

Contract management is a complex, resource-intensive and error-prone process. At any given time, a health system may be actively maintaining 300-500 contracts with different expiration dates, variations in tier requirements, product adds/deletes and price changes, all of which require regular analysis to evaluate the effect of these changes. These factors increase exponentially with organizations that manage multiple locations and classes-of-trade.

Members can elect to receive a daily feed of the latest enrolled contract data from the Vizient Catalog to help simplify and manage:

  • Price accuracy on Vizient-contracted items and contract module maintenance
  • Third-party pricing accuracy (where applicable)
  • National, enhanced, custom and local contracts
  • Reduce discrepancies due to continuous pricing updates
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