Credibility. Capability. Accountability.

For more than a decade, Vizient supply chain leaders have been managing the supply chain operations of leading health systems across the country. We use our 200-point compendium of leading practices to guild healthcare supply chain operational improvement. We have the credibility, capability and accountability to deliver results.

Supply chain transformation at UMass Memorial Health Care

Learn how the largest health care system in central Massachusetts saves $23.7 million by transforming from a siloed transactional organization to a clinically integrated, strategic value driver.

Transformational supply chain support

Best-in-class operational results.

Operational supply chain management support from strategy development to tactical implementation of best-in-class supply chain practices.

The case for supply chain transformation

As the health care industry faces new threats — from eroding margins to changing business models — one thing is certain: business as usual is no longer a viable option. Health care providers’ slow-to-change, steady-as-she-goes business approach has reached a tipping point. Today’s market requires business leaders to re-consider the past way of getting things done and find new approaches that deliver savings — and fast!

Historically, the supply chain function counted on leaders that could “get it done” by focusing on transactional requirements to purchase goods and services for the hospital. Today’s health systems need leaders skilled in identifying broken processes, and adept at  implementing new technologies and solutions to further improve functional operations.

The good news

Operational supply chain improvement is not a distant hope. The book is already written. The metrics are set. The solutions are developed. As a result, elevating operational improvement is a matter of methodology and implementation. So the question is, “Does your health system have the strategic focus to implement, and the will to see these improvements through to completion?”


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Why this solution works:


We offer an unmatched, end-to-end, programmatic, supply chain operational solution tested over 10 years of deep engagements with some of the most forward thinking health systems in healthcare.


We unleash the collective experience and thought leadership of a team of supply chain executives supported by the resources and technologies of Vizient to quickly elevate supply chain operational performance.


We wrote the “Leading Practice Compendium” on supply chain operations containing 200 points that we use to guide the process for operational supply chain management which serves as an operational diagnostic. Think of it as an MRI for supply chain operations.


We defined the KPI’s to measure improvements. Using the compendium of best practices, we build a strategic plan, then measure the improvement with KPI’s to ensure we are making positive improvement and working toward best-in-class supply chain management.


We provide team mentoring and support by senior supply chain executives to deliver best practice sharing across all supply chain management sites. Best practice sharing is guided by subject matter experts (SMEs) and operational leaders within Vizient.


We tailor our support to the member’s level of need and offer the ability to bring clinicians into conversation to improve evaluation and conversion for clinical to supply integration with validated financial savings.