Improve your purchasing efficiency and price accuracy

Vizient® Procure-to-Pay solutions help you attain your long-term supply chain goals by leveraging our proprietary technology and services. Seamlessly automate your purchasing operations to increase efficiency while reducing transactional costs, and free up your resources to focus on more strategic activities.

eCommerce Exchange

This Procure-to-Pay solution is a proprietary e-commerce platform that automates many of the time-consuming tasks related to purchase order processing. The platform electronically connects providers with suppliers to enable a quick and simple exchange of supply chain-related documents. With Vizient eCommerce Exchange, you’ll have direct access to national, local, custom and member business ventures contracts, as well as three-way price matching (purchase order price = vendor price = contract price) for real-time price verification.

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Transaction Management

Vizient Transaction Management services enable our team of analysts to work as an extension of your purchasing department, using our eCommerce Exchange platform to help you standardize business practices, identify price discrepancies and facilitate price resolution. With this Procure-to-Pay solution, health systems can conduct electronic data interchange with any supplier regardless of their size or technical capability and receive confirmations on all purchase orders.

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Catalog Services

Vizient Catalog Services offers comprehensive maintenance to ensure members a single point of truth for contract management. Ensuring your contract data is up-to-date and complete makes maintaining your item file easier, reduces price discrepancies and reduces false positives related to opportunity identification.

Procurement Services

Vizient Procurement Services provide discipline and standardization with the highest possible customer service and support to optimize procurement operations.

Good data is where great supply chain begins

Download the white paper Good Data is Where Great Supply Chain Begins to learn more about item master and data management processes. For more information on this topic or to speak with a Vizient representative, call (800) 842-5156 or email

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