Implementing best practices across processes, data management, and contracting are critical to significantly drive increased efficiency. Our item master management services leverages a team of specialists to conduct contract module maintenance and ERP system alignment to standardize your line item data so you can focus on more strategic activities.

How the item master affects the supply chain process

The quality of your item master and contract module maintenance data management processes has a significant downstream impact on supply chain operations.

Poor or weak data management processes can result in increased labor, stagnant or spiked product inventories, maverick spending and inaccurate contract management, payments and reporting.

Good data is where great supply chain begins

Consistent, up-to-date information helps to facilitate best practices. As your item master improves, your health system will experience the benefits of clean data through every step of the supply chain, including:

  • Increased contract compliance and utilization
  • Minimized time spent resolving purchase order to invoice discrepancies
  • Reduced vendor overpayments
  • Maximized prompt pay discounts
  • Improve purchase efficiency
  • Improved quality of reporting and analytics

Integrated data management

Vizient® Item Master Services range from a single clean-up of data to turnkey, full contract module maintenance and management of the item master. Our experts align item file management with contract module maintenance to standardize data in your ERP system as an integrated solution.

Item master maintenance

Daily item file maintenance and data standardization. Customized data standards and queue assignment. ERP load and maintenance.

Contract module maintenance

Daily ERP to Vizient Catalog discrepancy resolution and validation/verification of contracted items. Build contracts and tiers in ERP.

This service also supports supply chain customer service, including procurement, value analysis and revenue management.


price accuracy between Item Master pricing and Vizient Catalog


item completion within contracted SLA


eligible purchase order lines created using an item master

Best-in-class item master management

A quality item master can reduce costs and improve supply-chain operations.

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Why this solution works

Integrated data management

We align item file management with contract module maintenance to standardize data in your ERP and transform your item master from a burden into a strategic asset.

Improved performance

Having accurate data available in your ERP can go a long way in your daily supply chain activities to decrease inefficiencies, lost time, and reduce overall costs in your ordering and inventory processes.


Understanding that all supply chains are different, Item Master Services experts supplement your team by delivering best-practices and learning the unique processes that support your data-driven decisions.