Our industry reality

As the health care industry undergoes unprecedented transformation, health care administrators, physicians and other clinical and operational leaders must help shape a sustainable health care system that is capable of providing high quality, accessible and affordable care.

What we do

The Vizient Research Institute delivers independent thought leadership informed by quantitative research on macroeconomic issues to help members understand the impact of trends and changes occurring in health care. We challenge conventional thinking by conducting rigorous quantitative analyses and translating those discoveries into durable strategies and sustainable solutions for systemic improvement within member organizations and the health care industry as a whole.

Key research topics:

  • Payment reform
  • Managing complexity
  • Population health
  • Pricing
  • Health system performance
  • End-of-life care


The Research Institute is led by Executive Director Tom Robertson. For about 20 years, Robertson and his team have been responsible for conducting groundbreaking strategic research using a systematic, integrated approach to drive exceptional member value. The investigations quickly uncover practical, tested results that lead to measurable improvement in clinical and economic performance for members.

For more information about the Research Institute or for any questions, please email Tom Robertson at tom.robertson@vizientinc.com, Erika Johnson at erika.johnson@vizientinc.com, or Bob Browne at bob.browne@vizientinc.com

The Vizient Research Institute has a long tradition of providing strategic thought leadership. By challenging intuition and posing questions that cause members to think differently, we help them affect change within their own organizations while inspiring them to revolutionize the U.S. health delivery system. 
Tom RobertsonExecutive Director, Vizient Research Institute 

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