Vizient helps providers of all sizes improve clinical operations

Caring for patients is every healthcare provider's top priority, but workforce shortages and supply chain difficulties can get in the way. With organizations pressed to deliver exceptional care despite the obstacles, Vizient has been helping providers of all sizes streamline care processes, deliver quality patient outcomes, and become high reliability organizations. We can help you do the same.

Reliable Care Delivery

Health systems continually aim to prevent unnecessary harm to patients and improve their quality of care. This high reliability journey is transformational, requiring a healthy culture, a robust learning system and strong leadership. Together, these elements form a framework that can be used to empower and engage the entire organization.

Become a high reliability organization

Resilient Workforce

Through leading analytics, subject matter expertise, insights and technology, Vizient helps our members identify areas of focus within each phase of the workforce cycle. Using a combination of transparent data and culture and engagement survey results, we identify opportunities to improve recruitment, increase retention and reimagine your organization's workforce of the future.

Reimagine your organization’s workforce

Patient Care Excellence

Patients have more choices than ever on how and where they receive care. Your success depends on patients choosing your organization over their other options. Evolving how you deliver patient-centered, high-quality care ensures success today and tomorrow.

Deliver high-quality, patient-centered care