The Vizient Vendor Grievance Process will result in one of the following outcomes:

  • Sustain the original bid or innovative technology decision
  • Bid or re-bid the product or product category
  • Award a contract to the aggrieved party 

The Vizient Vendor Grievance Process provides a mechanism by which potential vendors can appeal contract award decisions if they believe the contracting process was not conducted in a fair, open and competitive manner in accordance with Vizient’s policies. Under this procedure, vendors can request an independent review of the process by Vizient personnel outside of the contracting group.

In addition, if, following completion of Vizient’s Vendor Grievance Process, the supplier is still dissatisfied with the outcome, the supplier may submit its grievance for review pursuant to the HGPII Independent Evaluation Process.

This policy is guided by:

The aggrieved party must reasonably cooperate with the Grievance Response Team during its evaluation of the grievance, including without limitation following all timelines and responding to requests for information in a timely fashion.

How to file a grievance

The preferred method for submitting vendor grievances is through the Vizient Compliance Hotline or website. An aggrieved party may call the hotline at (800) 750-4972 or may submit a grievance via the compliance hotline website The Compliance Hotline is managed by Navex, an independent third party.