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Balancing cost reduction and revenue growth with quality and patient outcomes

New! Vizient® Pharmacy Site of Care Database

Our Pharmacy Site of Care Database provides the safety and operational attributes of medications to assist providers in determining the appropriate site of care location. Find out more here

Our Sites of Infusion Care report offers specific actions you can take to evaluate and direct patients to the most appropriate site of care.
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Our Home Infusion Market Report can help you identify and implement your home infusion opportunities and optimize clinical care.
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Home infusion market report

Vizient uses data-driven insights to help members achieve impressive cost efficiencies, performance gains, and clinical improvements in their pharmacy operations. Help your pharmacy provide a greater impact across the organization — from staffing and workflow to supply chain management. We provide expertise and performance improvement across a variety of areas including:

340B Program consulting:

We provide start-up and implementation support as well as assessment and auditing of existing programs to assure compliance and optimize the value of participation.

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Specialty pharmacy consulting:

We support customized business plan development and implementation for a fully integrated, patient focused, specialty pharmacy medication management solution.

5 questions to consider before starting a specialty pharmacy

Medication Utilization and Formulary Management:

We help implement leading strategies to achieve cost-effective and safe use of medications and optimize drug-use policy and clinical intervention protocols, reduce drug expenses and achieve best practices.

Pharmacy residency programs

We provide assistance in starting, evaluating, optimizing or growing programs.

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  1. Strengthen your supply chain: Improve inventory accuracy and timing, and the quality of wholesaler agreements.
  2. Take control of procurement: Optimize contract terms, streamline purchasing, and get substantially discounted drug pricing.
  3. Drive financial performance: Introduce standardization, benchmarking, better cash flow and cost savings.
  4. Improve patient satisfaction: Deliver more positive interactions and improved clinical outcomes.
  5. Align with organizational goals: Strengthen drug use policies, safety protocols and compliance efforts

How Providence accelerated its pharmacy management performance

By aligning pharmacy operations across its 53 inpatient and outpatient facilities, the health system saved $8.5 million on drug spend between February and August 2020.

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