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Pharmacy Consulting Services

Increase your pharmacy’s impact by engaging our expert consultants across pharmacy operations, clinical, ambulatory and 340B

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Optimizing pharmacy performance

Our comprehensive hospital and specialty pharmacy consulting services can help you provide a greater impact across your organization. Vizient Pharmacy consulting helped Providence align pharmacy operations across 53 inpatient and outpatient facilities and save $8.5 million on drug spend.

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The first step was to optimize our combined $2.5 billion in drug spend through formulary alignment. What this meant was to bring our inpatient and outpatient pharmacies under the leadership of our system pharmacy.
Elie Bahou
Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Providence

Vizient Pharmacy consultants use data-driven insights to help your organization
achieve cost efficiencies
realize performance gains
improve clinical pharmacy operations

Support outpatient retail, specialty, home infusion and overall pharmacy as a systemwide leader and leverage scale to gain the greatest benefits across your enterprise. Our experts leverage competitive and performance benchmarks and data, working with employees from various disciplines to help you improve all aspects of your pharmacy.

Sites of Infusion Care

Site of care challenges on health systems are growing at a steady pace. As payer rules continue to direct the infusion of outpatient drugs to alternate settings, health systems need to have a strategy to meet the requirements. Vizient® has a variety of resources to assist you and your institution with this ongoing site of care challenge.

  • The Pharmacy Site of Care Database, developed by our pharmacy experts, identifies attributes of medications providing information to help you determine a safe and appropriate location for drug administration.
  • Our Sites of Infusion Care report offers specific actions you can take to evaluate and direct patients to the most appropriate site of care.
  • Our Home Infusion Market Report can help you identify and implement your home infusion opportunities and optimize clinical care.

Our consultants provide expertise that optimizes pharmacy resources through efficiencies, regulatory compliance and process improvements that enhance safety, quality and financial performance. We meet you at your challenge and develop customized solutions depending on your needs. Examples include:

  • Pharmacy practice — Strategic planning, workforce optimization, dedicated resources and optimization
  • Financial improvement — Revenue cycle optimization, drug utilization management and reducing drug waste
  • Operations and quality assurance — Medication safety, cybersecurity preparedness, cleanroom design and distribution agreement services
  • Regulatory compliance — USP compliance and staff competency, controlled substance diversion, TJC survey readiness, comprehensive DSCSA program assessment and more

Sustaining proper use of medications is critical to patient safety and positive clinical outcomes, as well as lowering costs. We help establish your pharmacy as a leading business within your organization.

  • Medication utilization and formulary management — We help implement leading strategies to achieve cost-effective and safe use of medications and optimize drug-use policy and clinical intervention protocols, reduce drug expenses and achieve best practices.
  • Biosimilars conversion and utilization — Capture quantifiable savings through cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and reimbursement optimization. We utilize analytic insights to benchmark your biosimilar conversions and deliver formulary management through contract maximization and standardized utilization.
  • Pharmacy residency programs — We aid in starting, evaluating, optimizing or growing residency programs

We can help improve patient access to life saving medications. Our 340B Apexus Certified Experts conduct comprehensive HRSA program integrity reviews, addressing covered care settings and contract pharmacy relationships specific to your organization.

  • Program start up and implementation support
  • Assessment and auditing of existing programs to assure compliance and optimize the value of participation
  • Long-term remote management
  • Custom plans for optimization based on your specific needs and goals

Leverage our extensive pharmacy expertise

Did you know? The new era of pharmacy starts here. Vizient supports health systems and hospitals to improve access to essential care and increased relevance and the strategic importance of pharmacy. Watch our quick video to learn more.

Balancing cost reduction and revenue growth with quality and patient outcomes