Drug shortages solutions

Vizient® offers a range of innovative solutions to help manage and mitigate the impact of drug shortages effectively.

Drug shortages challenge healthcare, affecting quality and efficiency

Source: Vizient’s Drug Shortages and Labor Costs report

  • 38%

    Percent of respondents who said one or more medication errors are related to a drug shortage

  • $359M

    Cost of labor needed to manage drug shortages per year

  • 8.6M

    Additional hours of labor per year to manage drug shortages

Our approach

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    Advanced analytics

    Manage stock and lessen the impact of drug shortages on patient care with insights we provide from our advanced analytics

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    Collaborative partnerships

    Develop sustainable drug shortage solutions collaboratively with pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and regulatory bodies

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    Alternative sourcing strategies

    Identify alternative sources for critical medications, providing continuity of care even during shortages with our insights and support

Consistent access to medications

Provide uninterrupted patient care

Essential medications for high-quality patient care

As part of the mission to end drug shortages, Vizient pharmacy experts identify essential medications where, if not available, would prove the greatest threat to a hospital’s ability to provide immediate and high-quality patient care.


Novaplus, the Vizient private-label, offers financial value, quality and support on pharmaceuticals, medical-surgical products and purchased services offerings.
The program supports a more resilient pharmaceutical supply chain by offering additional transparency and inventory. Many of the nation’s leading healthcare systems rely on Novaplus for consistent access, market-competitive pricing and ongoing value. More than 50% of essential medications are accessible through the Novaplus program.

Novaplus delivers cost savings that are competitive compared to other options in the market. It’s also very convenient for our staff and allows us to focus our activities on other higher priority issues.

Eric Tichy, PharmD, MBA

Vice Chair, Pharmacy Supply Solutions, Mayo Clinic

The Novaplus Enhanced Supply (NES) program improves supply chain resiliency and helps end product shortages via transparency, accountability and commitment to supply

Suppliers of the NES program produce additional inventory of both the Novaplus label and manufacturer label product based on total historical purchases by Vizient pharmacy program participants. With more than 3,100 hospitals and 95% of academic medical centers, this drives more inventory and flexibility for both contracted and 340B-eligible purchases.

Novaplus Enhanced Supply (NES) Reserve

Tailored specifically to meet the needs of providers who seek additional supply assurance and additional value, this program is an extension of our Novaplus and NES programs. Through NES Reserve, participants gain access to six months of dedicated inventory solely for their access. This inventory is warehoused in the U.S. by Vizient supplier partners, ensuring access to the most critical inventory at the right time.

Why partner with Vizient

  • Proven history: With years of experience in healthcare supply chain management, Vizient has a proven track record of delivering effective solutions to address drug shortages.
  • Comprehensive solutions: From a suite of analytics to dedicated inventory, Vizient offers solutions to help healthcare providers.
  • Commitment to excellence: We are committed to excellence in healthcare, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of our providers and the patients they serve.