A part of Novaplus®, the industry’s longest-running private label program, the Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program delivers additional inventory of essential medications and products, including personal protective equipment (PPE), that are critical to your clinicians' ability to provide immediate and high-quality patient care. 

Program overview

Under the program, suppliers provide additional inventory of essential products to mitigate supply disruptions and demand surge. The program supports our efforts to improve supply chain resiliency and end product shortages through supplier agreements characterized by:

  • Transparency: greater insights into product origin, production and inventory
  • Accountability: strengthened requirements to enable health systems to offer seamless continuity of care through consistent supply
  • Commitment to supply: increased predictability of demand to support additional production that is warehoused in the U.S.

Member benefits

The Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program ensures you'll have the supplies and medications that are necessary in times of need, whether it's management of COVID-19 PPE or other unforeseen disruption.
The program offers:

  • Consistent supply: With additional months of inventory available, your hospital will be able to access essential products that are at risk of going in short supply.
  • Continuous value: When you use Novaplus Enhanced Supply, you get the additional value and benefits offered by Novaplus, the industry’s longest-running private label program. These benefits include the most competitive pricing and additional value based on purchase volume through the Impact Novaplus Pharmaceutical Standardization Program.

Supply resiliency for essential medications

Get additional inventory for critical drugs that are necessary for providing immediate and high-quality patient care. Vizient pharmacy program members access additional information.

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Novaplus Enhanced Supply PPE

Additional inventory of personal protective equipment

Access essential PPE products that are at risk of going in short supply, such as masks, caps and gloves.

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