Supply assurance

Help ensure uninterrupted patient care when you increase resiliency, enhance visibility and improve access to supplies and essential medications.

Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program
Supply chain resilience

Category management and expertise

Achieving optimal expense management requires deep and far-reaching resources. Vizient can get you there with our contract, category and service line value. 

Integrated clinical preference solution
Purchased services
Pharmacy program
Facilities, capital and
Non-acute solutions

Maximize contract value

Access our flexible value model offering a range of aggregation, local and national contracting solutions, price benchmarks and custom contracting services.

Supply chain programs
Aggregation solutions
Custom sourcing solutions

“Data analysis allows us to very quickly focus on where the opportunities are for savings of 25 to 30%. ”
Blaine Douglas
Managing Principal
Vizient Advisory Solutions


Improve efficiency, identify opportunities to optimize spend value and build supply assurance when you utilize Vizient data, analytics and expertise.