Moving health care forward together

Our aggregation groups are shared business ventures that accelerate return on investment (ROI) through the power of scale. We enable members to drive value together through shared ownership models that move health care forward. Together, members share and apply proven methods to form, manage and sustain groups, helping them maximize benefits and avoid common pitfalls.

Vizient pioneered the supply network concept as a way to deliver greater contract value to like-minded members. Today, Vizient has taken the supply network concept to the next level.

Through Vizient Aggregation Solutions, health systems can expand beyond traditional group purchase organization (GPO) services and connect with like-minded members to achieve their strategic goals, from cutting costs to improving patient care.

Member aggregation groups focus on topics such as reducing supply chain spend, physician and clinician alignment, increasing health system efficiencies and collaboration on best practice solutions leading to improved patient outcomes.

Vizient Aggregation Groups – Nationally

Aggregation Contacts List (compilation of all aggregation contacts)
Aggregation Profile (compilation of all aggregation profiles)
Captis (overview, profile)
Coastal Community Health (profile)
Cooperative Services of Florida (profile)
Excelerate (profile)
Independent Hospital Network (profile)
Mid-America Service Solutions CSC, LLC (profile)
MNS Supply Chain Network, LLC (profile)
Northeast Purchasing Coalition (profile)
Myriadd Supply Network, LLC (profile)
Partners Cooperative, Inc. (profile)
Pediatriac Alliance (profile)
Southern Strategic Sourcing Partners, LLC (profile)
TPC (profile)
Vanderbilt Collaborative (profile)
Vizient Alliance (profile)
Vizient Commit Med-Surg Program (profile)
West Coast Purchasing Coalition (profile)






Joint venture: Excelerate Strategic Health Sourcing

Our members are finding that offering cost-effective, high-quality care is a goal that is best met together, not alone. Excelerate is a provider-led, physician-engaged sourcing model that uses evidence-based clinical outcomes to facilitate product decisions. Excelerate is a joint venture between Cleveland Clinic, Vizient and OhioHealth that delivers significant and sustainable savings to health care organizations sharing this goal.

Learn more about Excelerate