Supply assurance: working to ensure there's no shortage of it

In today's global market, we want to give providers confidence that critical supplies and essential medications are accessible when needed in delivering high-quality patient care. It's supply assurance, and it's part of our long-standing core business.

Our wealth of experience, actionable data and predictive planning helps to strengthen supply assurance. Further, our work with stakeholders focuses on improving supply chain risk mitigation as we collaborate to enhance data, increase supply visibility and expand inventory access.

Four themes keep us centered and are the pillars of our supply chain assurance efforts: insights, access, enablement and advocacy. Learn more about our supply assurance strategy.

Member resources

Vizient members can access these and many other supply and medication resources to sustain and improve both operations and patient outcomes. Login is required.

Stay current on market changes, understand supply access and cost impacts with these supply chain assurance resources and information. Do you need supply chain support? Contact us.

Supply chain resources
  • Food for Thought: Supply Chain (Nov 2022) – Supply Chain Update is a supplement to the Vizient Food Program communication tool, Food For Thought. Our goal is to keep you abreast of time sensitive market and industry news.
  • Supply update executive summary (Nov 2022) – a monthly summary of all supply chain disruptors including current market challenges, category-specific product updates and recovering markets.

Manufacturing insights
  • Budget Impact Projections report - Included in this semiannual report are Vizient's price change projections on medical supplies, equipment and purchased services. In addition, it contains detailed trends and forecasts on more than 30 raw materials and indexes.
  • Material manufacturing briefs - As a complement to the Budget Impact Projections report, Vizient brings together market news and expert insights in Manufacturing Insights Briefs. These timely documents inform you about raw materials and other factors and conditions that are currently affecting the supply chain.

Supply chain programs

Vizient delivers unmatched savings and value through the industry’s most comprehensive supply chain programs. Learn how Vizient has you covered
through the additional inventory of essential products, diversifying your
supply chain through domestically manufactured products and more.

Weather Disruptions Briefs

Weather disruption briefs provide a summary of disruptive weather conditions or events affecting member's supply chain conditions.

Market disruption briefs

Market disruption briefs provide a summary of disruptive conditions or events affecting the supply chain market conditions.

Critical supply profiles

Critical supply profiles help members proactively plan for potential supply chain disruptions in product categories affected by constraints in the market. Each profile provides comprehensive insights on manufacturing, logistics and utilization reviewed/updated weekly.

Drug shortage digest
Pharmacy resources
Pharmacy programs
Drug shortage resources

Stay current on market changes, understand supply access and cost impacts with these pharmacy resources and information.

Do you need supply chain support? Contact us

Access tools and resources to help prepare and sustain operations before, during and after emergency situations.

How we can help improve your access to essential medications and critical supplies

Supply assurance weekly digest
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Improving care with additional essential product access

Novaplus Enhanced Supply delivers access to additional inventory of essential medications and products. Our awarded suppliers produce additional supply to mitigate supply chain risk.


Connecting industry leaders to end drug shortages

The End Drug Shortage Alliance is a collaboration of select health systems, leaders in supply chain and other industry stakeholders dedicated to solving pharmaceutical supply challenges.

Securing supply chains is just the beginning

We’re driven to innovate for our members in all areas critical to their success. Whether it’s expense management concerns or others, we leverage relationships, data communications and capital to help you be your best. That’s The Vizient Difference.

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