Advance clinical operations and quality

Improve clinical operations and quality of care with our expert-led, data-informed approach to performance improvement


Optimize operations and quality across the care continuum

Providing quality care while maximizing efficiencies and transforming cultures is challenging, especially in today’s healthcare climate. Vizient experts help members improve their care delivery and advance clinical operations and quality across their organizations by leveraging industry-leading data and analytics.


of physicians report that COVID-19 has increased their feeling of burnout*

Advance care delivery across your health system

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Insights to help you improve operational and quality performance

Achieve systemwide quality improvement

Although approaches to achieving quality improvement vary, they all prioritize standardizing care delivery, improving patient outcomes and quality rankings, and strengthening financial performance. Despite the challenges members face, they must continue to focus on identifying and improving the most relevant outcomes to drive meaningful change.

Through a single platform, the Vizient Clinical Data Base allows members to measure quality and financial performance compared with other hospitals. It provides accurate and transparent data on patient outcomes—such as mortality, length of stay, complication and readmission rates, and hospital-acquired conditions—that enable hospitals to benchmark against peers; identify, accelerate and sustain improvements; and reduce variation.

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Our holistic approach to operational improvement addresses case management, patient throughput, care delivery and length of stay. With our advanced data and collaborative consulting approach, our members have enhanced their clinical performance and improved case margins, quality and case coordination.

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Advance the quality of your clinical documentation with our comprehensive data and analytics expertise. Vizient clinical documentation improvement helps you diagnose documentation issues quickly so that you can achieve a more reflective case mix index as well as accurate and compliant reimbursements. Find out how MUSC Health partnered with Vizient to improve its documentation and coding practices, leading to enhanced efficiency and improved Q&A and mortality rankings.

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As health care organizations continually strive to reduce clinical variation, one of the biggest challenges is order set appropriateness and consistency, and the workflow that leads to ordering and clinical decision-making. At a high level, organizations generally know where variation opportunities exist. But having visibility into resource utilization at the provider level can be elusive but necessary to pinpoint areas of opportunity and implement widespread change.

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With the Q&A scorecard, we can see that we’re making improvements faster than our peers.

Suzie Rakyta

Vice President of Safety and Clinical Excellence, Novant Health

Improve processes to increase productivity and meet demand

Current healthcare trends have led to workforce burnout and declining productivity. How do you keep your team engaged and working to the full extent of their skills? By identifying opportunities to increase productivity, align workflows and maximize throughput, leading to improved quality of care and decreased labor costs.

Through data, education and networking, clinical team insights identifies opportunities to align your clinical workforce and operations with your health system’s strategic goals. Using actionable data and a holistic approach to care team development, we help members improve workforce resiliency, optimize care delivery strategies and create a more inclusive culture, in turn improving clinician engagement and satisfaction.

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Through leading analytics, subject matter expertise, insights and technology, Vizient helps our members identify areas of focus within each phase of the workforce cycle. Using a combination of transparent data and culture and engagement survey results, we identify opportunities to improve recruitment; increase retention, engagement and productivity; and reduce workforce costs.

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The Operational Data Base provides hospitals with transparent, comparative insights on their operational characteristics to support performance improvement, reduce costs and pinpoint best performers. Our transparent data and benchmarking capabilities can also be used to make informed decisions about supply utilization, employee productivity and budgeting.

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Building workforce resiliency through retention, recruitment and reimagining care delivery

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Implement and sustain high-reliability principles

Health systems continually aim to prevent unnecessary harm to patients and improve their quality of care. This high reliability journey is transformational, requiring a healthy culture, a robust learning system and strong leadership. Together, these elements form a framework that can be used to empower and engage the entire organization.

Vizient and Safe & Reliable Healthcare, a leading HRO company, offer an integrated solution to help our members transform to HROs. Our expertise—grounded in high-reliability principles, management systems, technology and analytics—along with Safe & Reliable’s culture of safety and employee engagement data, enable members to achieve and sustain organizational excellence.

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Assess, build and maintain continual patient safety and regulatory compliance with our Joint Commission survey readiness consulting services. Our survey insight tools, survey management program and member networking opportunities help members stay up to date on regulatory changes and accreditation requirements.

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To succeed in today’s healthcare climate, organizations need to deliver safe, efficient and equitable patient care. The Vizient patient safety organization offers safety-related tools and insights, along with leading practice guidance, to help members improve patient safety, healthcare quality and outcomes.

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Our solution provides the framework to develop an HRO strategy based on your individual high reliability aspirations.

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Improve clinical operations and throughput

Improving operations and throughput is best achieved by identifying unnecessary variation systemwide. Care delivery can be effectively redesigned with optimized operations and processes that can be implemented across the care continuum. The result? Streamlined workflows, increased productivity, and improved clinical and financial performance.

Reduce clinical variation and link costs with clinical outcomes using our data-driven approach to clinical cost management. We offer cost management for physician preference items, lab and blood management, and clinical quality value analysis, helping members balance quality with cost of care.

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Optimize your payer contract reimbursement with our managed care contracting and consulting services. Our experts partner with critical access, subacute, specialty hospitals and acute care health systems to negotiate contracts, advise on current contracts and identify contract improvement opportunities to maximize reimbursement.

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New payment models are driving the need for greater efficiencies, while better patient outcomes require enterprise-wide transformation. From facility design and planning to healthcare information technology implementations, our experts help members learn and apply lean methodologies to eliminate waste, operate more efficiently and improve patient safety.

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The Clinical Practice Solutions Center (CPSC), developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges and Vizient, is a comprehensive solution that helps provider practice and physician organizations improve financial performance, maximize efficiencies and improve clinical operations. With a focus on continual collaboration, the CPSC drives innovation and enhances the management of clinical practice to help build a patient-focused, data-driven organization.

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Vizient allows us to link cost management with better healthcare to help our communities.

Marna Borgstrom

President and Chief Executive Officer, Yale New Haven Health System

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