reduce total cost of care through clinical variation reduction

Bridging the gap between quality and total cost of care through clinical variation reduction

Today’s health care organizations must learn how to link their costs with clinical outcomes to truly appreciate the value they bring to their communities. In addition to understanding the costs of devices and services, it’s also about recognizing how and on whom the devices are used, as well as why physicians decide to use them. Vizient® can help you balance quality and cost of care. Our data-driven approach to clinical cost management aligns price, process and utilization.

Advance performance and value in your clinical supply chain

Improve your clinical and supply chain performance through expertise, insights and automation. Vizient can help you deliver customized value in physician and clinical preference item service lines like cardiovascular, orthopedics, spine and neuroscience. We provide a flexible and holistic approach to help drive cost-effective, high-quality care.

With broad industry experience and access to leading data and analytics, we can help your team be more strategic and efficient. 


Comprehensive lab and blood management 

In the transition to a value-based care model, laboratory services are an area that offers many cost management opportunities.

Vizient offers lab and blood management professional consulting services that will help your laboratories focus on cost per care episode or cost per population as you transition from volume to value. Through our comprehensive lab and blood management solution, we examine the current utilization of blood products and provide guidance for improving patient outcomes.

Clinical quality value analysis

To drive desirable patient outcomes, value analysis strategy must consider life cycle costs, evidence-based care and clinical benefits.

Our clinical quality value analysis program (CQVA) solution uses a proprietary supply savings platform to automate the clinical value analysis process. The program helps connect clinicians and physicians with finance and supply chain to optimize supply costs, improve patient care and increase a member’s total value of care across the continuum.

Expert insights that transform costs

Transform your approach to margin management with these proven strategies from Vizient experts.

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