Why our accreditation consulting services?

Our multidisciplinary team of accreditation advisors have combined experience in law enforcement, worksite security, risk management, employee health, and clinical and patient safety. We can help you assess, build and maintain continuous patient safety and regulatory compliance. Our consulting services include:

Before the survey

  • Mock survey
  • Survey insight tools: including requirement for improvement report, survey (tracer) questions, and monthly newsletter with the latest information from accrediting and regulatory organizations
  • Survey Management Program: on-site evaluation of current state with recommendations and training to create or strengthen member survey infrastructure.
  • Member networking opportunities: office hours calls and Vizient community portal for peer collaboration and continuous learning

During the survey: focused issue resolution with strategy and coaching support

After the survey: corrective action and monitoring plans, with deficiency clarification, correction coaching and adverse decision support

Additional accreditation consulting: mentoring program, new construction surveys, workplace violence prevention, emergency preparedness


At Vizient, we provided services and resources that help you stay on top of the constant changes coming from healthcare accreditation organizations.

  • Access to trusted advisers including nurses, physicians and certified health care facility management professionals with years of experience
  • Timely accreditation and regulatory information in the form of resources, tools and communications to attain success the first time around
  • Opportunity to network with other members as well as content experts to tackle problematic compliance issues

Become survey ready

Partner with Vizient to become survey ready. Vizient accreditation consultants provide clarification and interpretation of regulations and help organizations identify gaps and focus on the most pertinent areas needed to be compliant. Hear more from Adrian M. Moran, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Maine Medical Center.


Becoming Joint Commission survey-ready with Vizient

Hear from Cathy Duquette, executive vice president of nursing affairs at Lifespan Health System, about the organization’s work with Vizient® accreditation consultants to make sure it was Joint Commission survey-ready.

Vizient accreditation education and resources

Our education programs provide access to experts and tools for accreditation professionals and operational managers of academic medical centers, community hospitals and ambulatory care facilities. Our programs focus on Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation and highlight requirements unique to certain voluntary accrediting organizations. In addition, programs are approved for continuing education credit.

Learn more about our accreditation workshops


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Regulatory preparedness is the foundation of delivering safe and effective care

Temple University Health System realized a 33% reduction in compliance findings during their most recent Joint Commission survey. Angelo Venditti, Executive Vice President, Chief Nurse Executive and Chief Patient Experience Officer, attributes much of their success to their Vizient partnership.

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