Advanced Practice Provider Advisory Services

Gain access to a powerful platform that facilitates collaboration, provides educational resources and offers expert advisory services to enhance strategic planning.

Exploring the future of healthcare with Advanced Practice Providers

Dive into our latest data insights report on the significant role of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) in shaping healthcare through innovation and workforce planning.

APP advisory services

Membership benefits

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    Collaboration opportunities

    Engage with APP leaders and professionals at forums, webinars and networking events.

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    Educational resources

    Access a comprehensive library of resources focused on APP workforce development, management and strategy.

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    Expert advisory services

    Connect with a dedicated Advanced Practice Provider expert for up to 30 hours annually.

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    Customized training

    Exclusive opportunities to attend workshops and training sessions tailored to address the specific needs of your organization

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    Policy and regulatory updates

    Stay informed about changes in policies and regulations affecting Advanced Practice Providers.

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    Networking and peer support

    Exchange ideas, challenges and solutions through a supportive and collaborative network of like-minded professionals.

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Elevate your organization’s approach to onboarding with the advanced practice provider transition to practice program

Support your new hires with

  • Organizational enculturation through community building and connections
  • Structured curriculum with national and organizational content
  • Mentorship and Preceptorship training and resources
  • Advisory support for program implementation and outcomes

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We knew we lacked in strategic onboarding and wanted to get clinicians engaged and involved in the organization...we knew we had work to do, and the Vizient program came up at the perfect time — it was the program we wanted.

Provider human resources leader

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