Connect procedure supply costs and utilization to clinical outcomes

Vizient Procedural Analytics gives visibility into procedure-based supply utilization and cost while eliminating harm, improving outcomes and lowering costs.

  • Data can be viewed by procedure, physician, supply category and facilities level
  • Supply cost and utilization data available at the catalog level
  • CDB and SLA members can establish how supplies are affecting other resource utilization and variation to drive an improved quality of care

Clinical Cost Management

Manage your clinical expenses using our analytics and expert consultants. Our data-driven approach to clinical cost management aligns price, process and utilization.

Clinical Data Base

The Vizient Clinical Data Base (CDB) is the definitive analytics platform for performance improvement, providing transparent data for peer benchmarking and sustainable improvement.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Improve your clinical documentation accuracy and quality, resulting in accurate and compliant reimbursements and a more reflective case mix index (CMI) for your patient population.

Service Line Management

Optimizing service line performance is powerful in delivering value-based, coordinated care. Vizient combines analytics and deep industry knowledge to help achieve optimal service-line efficiency.

Bundled payment solutions

We offer turnkey bundled payment solutions that are efficient, cost effective and drive better patient outcomes.

Physician Alignment Consulting

Our physician alignment solutions improve physician engagement strategies to help deliver a higher total value of care. Our proven strategies help deliver the right care at the right time.

Accreditation Services

Vizient provides services and resources to help you to stay on top of health care accreditation and regulation.

Pharmacy consulting

Vizient uses data-driven insights to help achieve impressive cost efficiencies, performance gains, and clinical improvements in pharmacy operations.

Ambulatory care

Ambulatory or outpatient care is increasingly becoming a strategy for addressing challenges and shaping the future of health care.

Service Line Analytics

Vizient Service Line Analytics (SLA) provides a deep, clinical understanding of both cost and supply utilization. Information is compiled down to the service line, physician and patient level.

Nursing leadership development

Rely on Vizient nursing programs to help benchmark, train and retain practitioners with a focus on delivering high-quality, efficient patient care.

Workforce Optimizaton

Workforce Optimization harnesses data insights to help members more strategically balance staffing best practices with enhanced patient care.

Procedural Analytics

Procedural Analytics is the Vizient analytics module that connects procedural supply utilization and cost at the item level with clinical outcomes.

Members-only resources

Clinical Data Base

Vizient Clinical Data Base (CDB) allows you to identify improvement efforts and sustain them longer than any other offering on the market.

Accreditation services

Our education programs provide access to experts and tools for accreditation professionals and operational managers of academic medical centers, community hospitals and ambulatory care facilities.

Nurse Residency Program

The NRP helps new nurses develop their skills through an individualized development plan, and teaches them how to bring research-based evidence into practice.

Faculty Practice Solutions Center

The Faculty Practice Solutions Center® (FPSC) offers academic medical centers powerful analytics tools, peer collaboration and advisory services for driving clinical and financial performance.

Patient Safety Organization

Vizient Patient Safety is the industry's most rigorous, thorough integrated safety and risk management solution, helping you improve the safety of their organizations.

Advancing health care together

Our networks and collaboratives provide engaging ways to learn best practices, improve through collaboration and build solutions to health care's most pressing problems. 

Connect with us to learn how we can help drive your health care improvement opportunities.