It is no secret that the American health care system is rapidly changing and the move towards value-based care is here. Health care providers today can no longer “wait and see” if our system will make the official leap and move from fee-for service care – we have taken it. In order for health systems to be effective and profitable in their transition to value-based care, it is critical to understand your local market, develop payor strategies aligned to your patient population, engage physicians, and implement the appropriate process and cost reduction strategies. According to a December 2016 Vizient survey, 51% of C-suite leaders support continued use of value-based reimbursement models. In order to be effective in all of the above, it requires deep data and insights, thoughtful execution and strong change management.

Our Advisory Solutions link process, patient care quality and payment for sustainable improvement. Vizient can be the one provider to our members, leveraging our market-leading data and analytics combined with deep expertise for an insight-driven approach to drive confident decisions and needed results.

We are nationally recognized, ranked as a leading health care consulting firm helping to assess and prioritize key areas for health care providers to deliver operational, clinical and financial improvements to help optimize the total cost of care.

Clinical Performance and Quality

Patient outcomes are at the center of the value equation and have a major role in determining reimbursement dollars. Critical to the delivery of exceptional healthcare is the right clinical care given at the right time with the right team - putting processes in place that deliver consistent outcomes and do so in the most efficient way possible. Vizient Clinical Performance and Quality solutions helps hospitals & health systems optimize their clinical, financial, quality and operational performance. We partner with providers and optimize their total cost of care by leveraging a deep reservoir of data informatics, industry experts and a proven stakeholder engagement approach.

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Clinical Cost Management

Manage your clinical expenses using our analytics and expert consultants. Our data-driven approach to clinical cost management aligns price, process and utilization.

Service Line Management

See how our combination of analytics and deep industry knowledge can help you achieve optimal service line efficiency.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization harnesses data insights to help members more strategically balance staffing best practices with enhanced patient care.

Pharmacy Consulting

Using data-driven insights, our specialists help your pharmacy make a greater impact across the organization — from staffing and workflow improvements to supply chain management.

Clinical Supply Integration

Clinical-supply integration (CSI) involves supply chain and clinicians working as partners to leverage data, reduce practice variation, lower costs and support high-quality patient care. Learn how Vizient can help you on the path to CSI.

Operational Performance

Vizient helps our members maximize effectiveness across the organization, to drive sustainable financial results in the highest areas of spend and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We can help identify new paths for cost savings through optimizing purchased services and supply chain and help staff the right people at the right time for the right cost. With process improvements and lean methods we can help deliver greater patient safety, satisfaction and quality of care.

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Facilities, Capital and Construction

From health care construction, renovation and consulting to hospital facility management and medical equipment planning, our solutions deliver exceptional value through contracting, expert guidance and strategic partnerships.

Purchased Services Consulting

We combine an insight-driven approach with subject-matter expertise, industry best practices and national market intelligence to help you make smarter procurement decisions.

Supply Chain Operations

Achieve operational efficiency, financial results and value analysis with experts who want to help you reach your goals.

Accreditation Services

Vizient provides services and resources to help you stay on top of health care accreditation and regulation.

Strategy and Physician Alignment

In today’s health care environment, the rules are shifting and resources are limited. Health care organizations require a strategic, executable roadmap to meet performance, financial and reimbursement objectives. Vizient delivers a robust suite of quality- and growth-oriented planning solutions to help you identify and implement the right payer, growth and value-based care strategy for your organization. Vizient looks at trends from the national to local levels, identifying key benchmarks to address the unique needs of each of our members. We help across payment strategies to risk-readiness modeling to address long term goals for sustainable results. Our members understand the need for care that is truly patient centered.

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Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory or outpatient care is increasingly becoming a strategy for addressing challenges and shaping the future of health care.

Integrated clinical preference solution

The Vizient integrated clinical preference solution combines category expertise, data insights and technology to improve clinical supply chain performance for long-term stability.

Bundled Payment Solutions

Our experts help members learn and implement Lean methodologies to eliminate waste, operate more efficiently and increase time with patients.

Value-Based Care

Health care is moving quickly toward a business model that emphasizes value over volume, and that rewards quality care delivered at the lowest possible cost.

Direct to Employer (D2E)

Direct contracting with employers offers benefits to health systems, employers, and employees and their dependents. 

How one Northeast health care system saved $5.8 million in 15 months

Learn how one member saved $5.8 million in 15 months — exceeding its original $5 million goal. With the help of Vizient, they have a projected savings of more than $16 million within the next five years.

Sustainable Change: How Vizient Does Things Differently To Make Sure Progress Sticks

In health care, lowering total costs and achieving operational excellence require new, quality-driven strategic imperatives based on proven processes.

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