Our Member-Backed Ventures provides a cohesive venture experience focused on accelerating growth through investment, co-development and partnering opportunities that improve members' market performance.

Why engage with Member-Backed Ventures?

As market and economic pressures increasingly squeeze margins, health systems need to ramp up their efforts to diversify revenue and set their line of sight on the goal to diversify their investments to outpace core revenue for the sustainable long-term. Member-Backed Ventures (MBV) was launched as a key lever for members to achieve this growth.

C-suite members need help with prioritizing strategic investments in digital and partnerships for solutions to drive growth

Provider-backed solution companies desire to evolve their scaling practices and look to Vizient partners to drive the vision forward

MBV makes it possible for a single entity to keep up with the volume of NewCo activity, deals and opportunities

Our Member-Backed Venture approach starts with understanding members’ strategic objective, priorities and needs to solve their most pressing and complex challenges

Curate industry trends

Curate industry trends

Align members’ needs and desires with insights and intelligence from the provider-backed ecosystem to understand where peers and competitors are investing. Connect members to de-risked provider-backed solutions.

Facilitate business opportunities

Facilitate business opportunities

Size opportunities for members and connect them to the right pathway to enhance core operations or identify alternative revenue opportunities. Strategy and solutions can be enabled via Sg2, MBV portfolio, Vizient, or Panda marketplace.

Grow revenue streams

Grow revenue streams

Build and grow through joint venturing or other models, to grow non-core operating revenue to achieve value and sustainable financial growth.

Core services and experiences

Provider-backed market overviews and perspectives

Webcasts and publications covering market and deal trends as well as insights to provide clarity of health care provider startups or NewCos and future investment opportunities

Investment analyses and match making

Investment analyses for core and non-operating revenue lift and matching healthcare providers to provider-backed solution companies with the goal of investing, co-developing or preferred buying

Joint venturing

Solving big problems by combining existing market and member assets to create scaled venturing solution companies

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