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In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, achieving sustainable performance is key to success. Many providers prioritize growth, but it’s crucial to find innovative ways to drive top-line performance. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in the industry, emphasizing the need to diversify revenue streams, engage healthcare consumers and chart a new course for lasting success.

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Recent research shows that 81% of hospitals and health systems prioritize improving the customer experience, yet only 11% have the capability to execute.1

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Improvements made in these three areas can generate immediate revenue and create long-lasting relationships between patients and providers

Consumer Engagement, Acquisition and Loyalty

Improving the consumer experience is an untapped growth opportunity for health systems.

Customer loyalty is the enduring commitment of a healthcare consumer to consistently trust, choose and prefer a particular health system as their primary partner over time and requires a refocusing of the system’s enterprise strategy.

Physician Engagement and Referral Management

Physician liaisons and business development leaders need best-in-class data, quick access to critical insights and easy portability to business systems.

Creating a superior consumer experience for your patients and the physicians touching your network help to grow the bottom line.

Practice and Specialty Access & Operations

Improve your operational execution to enhance access processes and patient throughput for key specialties.

Our solutions focus on boosting access, processes and patient throughput, while also improving intake, scheduling, and workflow efficiency. We analyze your care team roles, cancellations, and access points to identify areas for growth and increased capacity.

Consumer Strategy

Consumer innovation suite of services

An optimized physician liaison program, as part of a prioritized physician engagement strategy, can generate up to $20M in net revenue for their system per year. If you’re looking to improve your physician network integrity, prioritize physician outreach planning, understand leakage impact, and improve liaison efficiency, we can help.

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Securing operational agility is necessary for the future of the healthcare market. Systems must be prepared to optimize access, capacity and throughput for rapid growth readiness. The new market is demanding more from their health systems. If you optimize your existing footprint, you can achieve near-term growth and revenue advances with this solution.

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Supercharge the growth engine by gaining key customer insights and leveraging longitudinal analyses to increase overall customer value, share of wallet and engagement. Build relationships and stop chasing transactional care with our solutions.

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