Vizient provider-led quality driven surgical care network

The Vizient High Value Network challenges the cost-value equation, offering surgical centers of excellence nationwide and setting a new standard for care
Over 50%
of the U.S. population is within a 2-hour drive from an HVN hospital today

Our high-value network is composed of:

  • BJC Healthcare
  • Bryan Health
  • Duke Health
  • Emory Healthcare
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Mass General Brigham
  • MemorialCare
  • MUSC Health
  • Northwestern Medicine
  • Novant Health
  • NYU Langone Health
  • Providence
  • Sharp HealthCare
  • Tampa General Hospital
  • U of Kansas Health System
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center

See our fact sheet to learn more about the High Value Network

A surgical care network that sets new standards in performance for quality and patient experience

In today’s fast paced world, access to timely, high-quality surgical care is paramount. This high-value, analytics-enabled network brought to you by Vizient ensures that employers can provide their employees access to timely, appropriate care covering all facility and professional services for a surgery, inclusive of a 30-day guarantee for unexpected follow-up care directly related to their surgery.

Our network, with over 30 locations, offers unparalleled access to essential surgery services within a two-hour drive for over 50% of Americans. We specialize in key areas such as bariatrics, cardiac, orthopedics, and spine surgeries, ensuring comprehensive care tailored to patient needs. By transparently sharing performance metrics, we empower employers (and their benefit consultants) to design health benefits that align with the top care providers in the nation.

This commitment to excellence and transparency not only enhances patient outcomes but also positions employers as leaders in health and wellness benefits. Step into the future of surgical care with us, where excellence in care and patient experience go hand in hand.

Read our recent blog, elevating employer-provider relationships: Exceeding employee expectations, to learn more about how Vizient can help providers align with employers to drive positive outcomes.

  • Reducing costs for surgical procedures through bundled agreement
  • Network that is provider-led and powered by Vizient analytics
  • Guaranteed access for employees at top health systems
  • Seamless experience for patients with end-to-end navigation support

Benefits for employers

  • Additional network.svg (Original)

    National coverage providing an added network

    Availability and access to nationally recognized surgical centers of excellence with rate transparency from coast-to-coast.

  • National coverage.svg (Original)

    Reduced inpatient spend

    Competitive in the market by prioritizing value over volume – Vizient’s Clinical Data Base (CDB) requires that providers must meet performance standards.

  • Reduced inpatient spend.svg (Original)

    Simple to implement

    Easy to administer, with ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party administrators (TPAs) and other employee benefit programs.

  • Network stability.svg (Original)

    Network stability

    Provider-driven network that regularly collaborates and is built for long-term employer-direct partnerships.

  • Commitment to access.svg (Original)

    Commitment to access

    Patients have access to their provider within 14 days of referral.

  • Exceptional patient experience.svg (Original)

    Exceptional patient experience

    Single point of intake to create a consistent patient experience regardless of location.

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