A pledge to work to promote health equity and patient access systemwide

One large academic health system has been on a multiyear journey to improve patient access and health equity after pledging to hold their workplace accountable to eliminating racial biases within its system and creating a more inclusive culture.

The health system’s vice president and chief health equity officer joined the Vizient® Health Equity Strategy Accelerator to collaborate with leaders from peer health systems and access Vizient data tools showing connections between community vulnerabilities and disparate patient outcomes.

Pairing social determinant data with leading practices

The six-week program provided education on best practices, frameworks for strategic planning and networking opportunities. Vizient provided data from the Health Equity Strategy Alignment Tool and the patent pending Vizient Vulnerability Index™ to help each health system understand the specific patient needs and vulnerabilities in their patient population.

These insights provided helped participants better understand where inequities and racial disadvantages exist so that they could adjust how they approach care. As a result, the health system is now able to identify specific obstacles to care and test actionable interventions.

“The rigor of the process is important. I’m a health services researcher and a physician by training, so I come to this with a commitment to rigor.”

Vice President and Chief Health Equity Officer
AMC Participant


Improving Health Equity Integrated Performance Solution

The Health Equity Strategy Accelerator enables members to assess their health equity ambition, readiness to address gaps, identified vulnerabilities and local social determinants of health challenges in their community.

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Insights that inform care delivery

Heather Blonsky, Vizient lead data scientist, shares how providers can use Vizient data analytics to identify obstacles to care and develop targeted interventions.

Advancing health equity

Vizient is equipping providers with the data, metrics and resources they need to make empowered decisions about how care is delivered and resources are allocated within their system.

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The story behind the stories

For every successful partnership we’ve built, there’s another story at the heart of it. It’s the four pillars of everything we do—insights, innovations, speed to value, and collaboration.

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