Position your organization as the top choice for high-quality, efficient healthcare

Patients have more choices than ever on how and where they receive care. Your success depends on patients choosing your organization over their other options. Evolve how you deliver patient care ensures success.


Hospitals rely on the Vizient Clinical Data Base to drive quality improvement

How we can help

Actionable insights for measurable and sustainable improvements in care

Optimize capacity and throughput for patient care excellence

Whether it is improving patient flow, decreasing length of stay, or ensuring your providers are working at top-of-license, we can provide expertise and unique data insights that help you develop executable strategies that fuel your progress.

Access insights on operational characteristics of hospital departments to support performance improvement, cost reduction and budgeting.

Drive workforce labor efficiencies through our productivity management system

Utilize the only solution that focuses on the provider practice and physician organization to help build a patient focused, data-driven organization.

Improve quality of patient care

Although approaches to achieving quality improvement vary, they all prioritize standardizing care delivery, improving patient outcomes and quality rankings, and strengthening financial performance. Despite the challenges members face, they must continue to focus on identifying and improving the most relevant outcomes to drive meaningful change.

Measure your quality and financial performance compared with other hospitals to identify, accelerate and sustain clinical improvements.

Gain visibility into your resource utilization at the provider level to pinpoint areas of opportunity.

Enhance financial performance

Fuel your organization’s success by partnering with our experts to gain a deeper understanding of cost drivers related to patient care. Our solutions enhance your margin performance and maximize revenue all while improving patient outcomes.

Enhance your management of clinical practice and revenue cycle performance.

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