Achieve sustainable service line improvement

Optimizing service line performance is a powerful step toward delivering value-based, coordinated care. Our health care experts combine our analytics and deep industry knowledge to help members achieve better clinical results, stronger financial performance and optimal service-line efficiency.


  • Align physicians and integrate care
  • Reduce variation and improve outcomes
  • Strengthen revenues across service lines

Service Line Optimization

In the move to value-based care, effective service line strategy and management play a crucial role in your ability to strengthen operational, clinical and financial performance. Our approach is based on a deep, clinical understanding of supply utilization, not just cost. Leveraging our analytics, you can gain insight into the connection between clinical outcomes, utilization and supply costs.

Five steps to service line success

Effectively transforming service lines requires enacting change across an organization. This holistic mindset is reflected in our continuous improvement framework:

  1. Provide strategic guidance and program development for profitability and growth along the full continuum of acute and non-acute care
    Vizient helps you navigate the challenges of consistently delivering better care by offering data-driven recommendations on service line planning, service line feasibility, new program development and implementation planning.
  2. Improve cost per case by effectively managing variation, price and utilization in operational and clinical performance
    We engage physician leaders with actionable insights from cost, quality and outcomes data to reduce spend, improve utilization and implement standardization. Saving money and resources across clinical practices allows for reinvestment in patient care.
  3. Engage physicians and case management to develop mutually beneficial goals and contributions to care models that improve clinical and financial performance
    Vizient supports aligned physician partnerships by providing data, analytics and consulting to reduce variation by service line and cost per case.
  4. Focus on standardizing processes, using best practices and evidence-based protocols to achieve high-quality outcomes
    Reducing variability through case management and care redesign is a key step in the journey to value-based care. We support better patient outcomes by delivering insights on patient flow, care processes, clinical improvements and appropriate use.
  5. Establish an effective governance and leadership model to support a culture of accountability and empowerment
    We consult with members on developing a transparent culture that embraces change, improves consistency and makes smart, informed decisions to align purpose at all levels across care settings.

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