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Advancing healthcare sustainability

Healthcare providers and suppliers look to Vizient for guidance in improving supply chain sustainability.

Our experts can help stakeholders identify strategies that build stronger, healthier communities while balancing environmental and business impacts.



ES Toolkit

The ES toolkit helps hospitals and health systems understand key considerations for implementing environmentally preferred purchasing policies and programs. These resources help users set reasonable, meaningful and achievable targets that are financially viable, environmentally sound, health improving and inspiring.

Defining your vision 

Defining your vision is the best first step. It represents foresight, strategy and commitment to sustainability. Find tips for setting goals and addressing patient safety and the environment.
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Long-term planning

To achieve ongoing systemic change, in-depth planning can provide a blueprint for getting the work done. Here you will find elements to include in your plan and steps for creating policies.
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Find tips for getting started and a checklist for your program enhancements.
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Setting up your green team

Read best practices for establishing a successful sustainability team.
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Quick wins

Get ideas for fast, positive sustainability program impact. Also find quick win ideas that focus on these four areas: food, polystyrene foam, plastic bottles and mercury.
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Chemical policy

Find four guiding principles that your organization can adopt to advance an economy with healthy chemical production and use.
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Discover the benefits and tips for using local food sources. Get steps to build sustainability into your food service through the food service ware you use to composting and reducing food waste.
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Quick wins

Get ideas for fast, positive sustainability program impact. Also find quick win ideas that focus on these four areas: food, polystyrene foam, plastic bottles and mercury.
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Understand what greenwashing is, how to identify and avoid vendors that greenwash, and other resources to help.
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Learn ideas for managing your waste stream including tips for collecting and reselling nonhazardous recyclables. Find ideas focusing on cardboard, paper, batteries and fluorescent lights.
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Hazardous materials

Learn how to better manage hazardous materials with sustainability in mind. Find key topics such as managing pharmaceutical wastes, reducing medical waste, and suggested waste management products.
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Packaging and shipping
Get tips and resources for reducing and reusing product packaging and shipping materials.
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Building and renovations

Learn about new building and renovation activities that offer opportunity to implement sustainability practices. You will find practices that focus on building materials and building maintenance.
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Information technology

Discover ideas and resources to help harness energy savings through the power of your IT infrastructure. You can focus on electronic equipment or find tips for developing a policy statement.
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Vizient and industry resources 

Find quick access to useful websites to help in developing or enhancing your sustainability program. Also find information on third-party certification and Practice Greenhealth Environmental awards.
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Vizient sustainability tracker

Download and use our innovative tool to record your organization’s energy and resource consumption – past, present and future. Unique insights can point you to the most effective opportunities for addressing your environmental footprint.

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Leverage EP data to create a healthier supply chain

Vizient experts developed an innovative, data-driven methodology for health care organizations to evaluate, monitor and remove harmful chemicals from their supply chain. Our case study describes a comprehensive approach that contemplates financial, clinical, operational and sustainable impacts of health care supply.

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Insights to support your environmentally sustainable supply chain

Our industry leadership is bolstered by the expertise of many experienced Vizient sustainability professionals, who frequently write and speak publicly about environmentally preferred purchasing issues. More from the Vizient Newsroom.


How suppliers can participate in our program

Vizient encourages all of our awarded suppliers to help support these goals by submitting their products’ environmental attributes, such as whether they’re recyclable, mercury-free, BPA-free and more. This helps members choose products best suited to their needs when they issue requests for proposal. Suppliers are
also encouraged to connect regularly with the Vizient Environmental Sustainability team to discuss and advance sustainability in the healthcare sector.

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Eco-friendly product attributes

We collaborated with our Environmental Advisory Council to identify and define 23 environmentally preferred product attributes to help the entire healthcare industry standardize. Request a copy of the attribute definitions below.

Environmental Sustainability Program

Vizient members have exclusive access to additional environmentally preferred sourcing program resources and information. Access the broadest, most cost-effective portfolio of environmentally preferred products in the industry – as well as data, analysis and expertise to attain your sustainability goals.

Vizient corporate responsibility report

From climate action and adaptation strategies to safer chemicals and circular economy solutions, learn how Vizient is committed to taking action and empowering smart, sustainable, resilient choices across the industry.

Connect with us for more information on how to implement sustainable practices into your organization or how you can source safer and healthier products that support environmentally preferred initiatives.