At Vizient®, we are experts who care about our members, community and the environment. We strive to help members build stronger, healthier communities — and that includes efforts to promote environmentally preferable purchasing and sustainable health care.

Clarity in eco-friendly product attributes

We collaborated with our Environmental Advisory Council to standardize 23 Environmentally Preferred product attributes, which have been adopted by others within the industry as the definition of what it means to be eco-friendly.


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Broadest environmentally preferable purchasing portfolio in the industry

Through the Vizient Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Program, we provide the necessary framework for your hospital or health system to implement and maintain an environmentally preferable purchasing program that supports your hospital sustainability efforts. With more than 450,000 contracted products, we offer the broadest, most cost-effective portfolio of environmentally preferred products in the industry.

We incorporate standardized environmentally preferred attribute collection into our request for proposal (RFP) process so that we can gather and add these attributes to our data system. Members can see these attributes during any product search and can also narrow search results according to desired attributes.

Environmentally Preferred Advisory Solutions

In conjunction with a third-party consultant, Vizient® supports members as they establish or augment their sustainability programs. We can assess your current initiatives and make recommendations around climate change, sustainability and purchasing.

Environmentally Preferred Analytics

Our analytics resources help members use their spend data to make informed decisions that improve sustainability. The environmentally preferred (EP) purchasing dashboard consolidates your reported purchase data to provide your EP purchasing percentage. DataLYNX™ provides access to line-item detail with EP attributes. Receive more customized reports through the EPP module (available in 2021) of Vizient Savings Actualyzer™, which identifies improvement opportunities and provides benchmarking insights.

Assistance with implementing hospital sustainability programs

Vizient helps hospitals and health systems understand how to implement an environmentally preferred sourcing policy and program, and why it’s important. Working together in a consistent and thoughtful manner, Vizient members can learn to set reasonable and achievable targets that are financially viable, environmentally sound, health improving and inspiring.

Information for suppliers to participate in our program

Vizient encourages all of our awarded suppliers to help support these goals by submitting their products’ environmental attributes, such as whether they’re recyclable, mercury-free, BPA-free and more. This helps members choose products best suited to their needs when they issue requests for proposal.

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For more information on how you can source safer and healthier products that support environmentally preferred initiatives, contact the Environmentally Preferred Sourcing team at

For additional information on how to implement sustainable practices into your organization, contact Terri Scannell, senior director for social responsibility.

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry When It Comes to Chemical Exposure

There are 80,000 chemicals on the market today and most have not been adequately tested for safe use in everyday products such as furniture. Is the furniture you, your employees and your patients live ­with – and on – created with chemical safety in mind?

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Simplified with Vizient Member Dashboard

Environmental sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. Recent studies have shown that 92%  of physicians and 88% of health system executives agree that environmental sustainability provides long-term cost savings.

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