Our call to action

Health care is an essential, complex and dynamic business — with both promising advances in research, technology and care delivery as well as disconcerting challenges with rising costs, prescription drug shortages, toxic environments and communicable diseases.

Today, the call is clear. We must lead with our values and find innovative, data-driven solutions that enhance health, resilience and equity across the care continuum.

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Our strategy

In order to move our health care system into the future and ensure it serves all of us, Vizient is focusing our energy and effort against the following five strategies.

Building powerful partnerships

Because if we’re going to deliver systems solutions, we have to create systems collaborations.

That means reaching out and connecting members, employees, suppliers, policymakers, and industry organizations to work collaboratively and create innovative, data-driven solutions that improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

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Advancing equity and inclusion

Because everyone deserves the same opportunity to lead a healthy life, we have to proactively embrace diversity and commit to equity across the entire value chain.

Vizient is committed to understanding and addressing the social determinants of health in our member communities and empowering them to deliver more equitable health outcomes. That means seeking and supporting diverse suppliers that invest in and strengthen their local regions and recruiting and supporting diverse employees so that our team looks like and fully represents the patients our members serve.

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Promoting a healthier environment

Because the health of our planet directly affects our collective human health, resilience and prosperity, we have to take action and empower sustainable choices.

Vizient is committed to sharing best practices among members and raising awareness across our industry and working with members to improve their disaster preparedness, climate resiliency and adaptation strategies. We are also focused on committing to environmental stewardship within our own operations and leveraging our scale to require environmental data and minimum performance from suppliers to empower informed purchases.

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Accelerating our capabilities

Because it’s going to take the workforce of the future to build the health care system of the future, we have to invest in our people and empower them with the right tools.

Vizient is committed to embracing a growth mindset, developing people to their full potential and caring for their well-being, encouraging systems innovation and smart technology adoption, and serving our members needs today — and every tomorrow.

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Strengthening our communities

Because health starts in our homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods, we have to build our communities up from the inside out.

Vizient is committed to partnering with trusted on-the-ground organizations to provide vulnerable populations with access to food and shelter, education and child care, local job opportunities and affordable health care, and helping those communities heal from natural disaster.

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Impact highlights

Honored as one of the
World’s Most Ethical Companies
every year since our company’s inception



Launched nation’s largest, most comprehensive
portfolio of
organic baby products,
as well as environmentally preferred
furniture that is free of PVC, antimicrobials,
perfluorinated compounds, formaldehyde
and flame retardants


organic baby products



70% increase in suppliers
reporting on environmental
in the national bid processfrom 2017 to 2019
Partnered with physicians, clinicians and
patients to design interventions addressing

racial health disparities

addressing racial health disparities

Held 17th annual Community Day
event where 1,900 employees volunteered
7,417 hours to local organizations

Community Day event
Utilized collaborative design and data-driven
insights to reduce
maternal mortality
racial disparities


maternal mortality



Continued our partnership with
Inner City Capital Connections
to incubate entrepreneurs in disadvantaged
Created our fourth Diversity Network
Association (DNA) for
LGBTQ employees and allies



Convened members and value-chain stakeholders to advance dialogue on
critical health topics, including the
opioid crisis

opioid crisis
Expanded family leave policies
for Vizient employees


family leave



Piloted machine learning program
to refine how technology augments and
accelerates our consultants’ ability to
identify insights and advise members
Hosted 6,000+ members, suppliers and
industry experts at the annual
Vizient Connections Summits


Eliminating the purchase of
single-use plastics
across our offices


Partnered with cross-industry leaders on
the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's
Culture of Health for Business


Maintained LEED® Certification
at our corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas
and at our Chicago offices


LEED certification