What does it take to be a leader in times of crisis?

What are we called to do? And what do we learn about ourselves through the process?

Today, the call is clear. We must lead with our values and deliver innovative, expert-led, data-driven solutions that enhance health, resilience and equity across the care continuum. We must both take the long view, and demand more from ourselves and our society, here and now.

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Our strategy

In order to move our health care system into the future and ensure it serves all of us, Vizient is focusing our energy and effort against the following five strategies.

Building powerful partnerships

Because if we’re going to bounce back after the pandemic and deliver systems solutions, we have to create systems collaborations.

That means reaching out and connecting members, employees, suppliers, policymakers, and industry organizations to work collaboratively and create innovative, data-driven solutions that improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

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Advancing equity and inclusion

Because everyone deserves the same opportunity to lead a healthy life and because we know that inequities are real and must be addressed, we have to proactively embrace diversity and commit to equity across the entire value chain.

Vizient has long been committed to equity and inclusion — but the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minority groups and painfully warranted demands for social justice have called for deeper self-reflection. This year, we’ve asked ourselves how we can engage more earnestly, set the bar higher and work more urgently from the inside-out to create a more just and inclusive society.

We are determined to recruit and support diverse employees at every level of our company. Seek and support diverse suppliers that invest in and strengthen their local regions. And now more than ever, we are determined to proactively tackle the social determinants of health in our member communities and to deliver equitable health outcomes for all.

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Promoting planetary health

Because planetary health is human health, we have to take action and empower smart, sustainable, resilient choices.

Vizient is committed to sharing best practices among members and raising awareness across our industry. Working with members to improve their disaster preparedness, climate resilience and adaptation strategies. Committing to environmental stewardship within our own operations. And leveraging our scale to require environmental data and minimum performance from suppliers to empower informed purchases prioritizing patient health and safety.

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Accelerating our capabilities

Because it’s going to take the workforce of the future to build the health care system of the future, we have to invest in our people and empower them with the right tools and technologies.

Vizient is committed to embracing a growth mindset. Developing people to their full potential and caring for their well-being. Leveraging data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to power performance. And serving our members' needs today — and every tomorrow.

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Strengthening our communities

Because health starts in our homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods, we have to build our communities up from the inside-out.

Vizient is committed to partnering with trusted on-the-ground organizations to provide vulnerable populations with access to food and shelter, education and child care, local job opportunities and affordable health care. And helping those communities heal from natural disasters — like the physical, emotional and financial fallout from COVID-19.

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Impact highlights

Honored as one of the
World’s Most Ethical Companies
every year since our company’s inception


Entered into exclusive
partnership with IBM
Watson Health
Watson Health partnership


Honored as a
2020 All-Star of Supplier Diversity
by Minority Business News USA


Launched our
Community Contracting Program
to help members strategically shift spend to
qualified local, diverse suppliers
Invested our own capital
to expand domestic personal protective
equipment (PPE) production: :

19 million disposable gowns
2+ million reusable gowns
700,000+ reusable masks every month


Committed to concrete
five-year diversity goals
to create a measurably inclusive culture and
diversify our workforce at every level
Successfully advocated for the end of the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA)’s Unapproved Drug
Initiative (UDI) Program,
saving the health
care system up to $26.6 billion
over five years


advocated for the end of the UDI


Experts from Sg2 — a Vizient company — created a
COVID-19 Surge Demand Calculator,
which we offered to all U.S.
hospitals at no cost
Our COVID-19 Surge Demand Calculator,
Ranked PPE against our Gold Standard for Environmentally
Preferred Sourcing
to help hospitals
choose safe and sustainable options
PPE rankings


Allocated grants that provided
500,000 meals to food banks
around the country and will feed
600 Dallas children and their
families over a three-year period

500,000 meals to food banks
Testified before the Senate
Finance Committee
to provide insights
into the counterfeit PPE market

Advocate for PPE


Increased availability of propofol, a sedative used
to intubate patients, by an additional

676,000 units of propofol
through our Novaplus Enhanced Supply Progam
Novaplus Enhanced Supply Progam
22,543 products met our new and exclusive
Gold Standard for
Environmentally Preferred


Marked 10 years reporting against the
global reporting index


Earned the status of a
Great Place to
Work-Certified company

Great place to work


Incorporated the new
Culture of Health for Business
(COH4B) Framework
which we helped to develop, in our reporting