Analytics have the power to transform your organization and as a result, the community around you. Vizient provides actionable insights that help with strategic planning and leads to measurable results.

Because we serve more than half of the health care organizations across the United States, we are well positioned to help organizations adapt and thrive in this new environment and solve for the challenge of achieving smart growth by leveraging a unique combination of insights, expertise and analytics.

Key benefits:

  • Transparent data and benchmarking capabilities with insights into the methodology driving the data
  • Robust networking that facilitates dialogue and best-practice sharing
  • Customizable dashboards and reports to improve performance, reduce costs, improve budgeting and identify best performers
  • Data to support performance improvement, budgeting, cost reduction and best practice identification


Report, compare and analyze operational data

Learn how the Operational Data Base provides financial and operational analytics that identify opportunities to improve performance, reduce costs, improve budgeting and pinpoint best performers.


An effective strategy requires health care organizations to focus on lowering costs without sacrificing the quality of care. Access to reliable financial and operational data is crucial to make informed decisions about employee productivity, supply utilization and other areas that directly impact the bottom line.

The Operational Data Base (ODB) provides hospitals with transparent, comparative insights on the operational characteristics of hospital departments to support performance improvement, budgeting and cost reduction initiatives.

Support operational and financial performance improvement

Empower your organization to more effectively use comparative operational data to help drive necessary change. We provide the expertise, insights and resources to help you focus on the most relevant areas of opportunity for long-term success.

Benchmarking, data and reporting
  • Report, compare and analyze data on operational characteristics of hospital departments.
  • Create an accurate picture of hospital department costs to identify effective ways to take operational and financial performance to the next level.
  • Identify insights to support performance improvement, budgeting, cost reduction, and high performers.
  • Pinpoint variances in labor and supply expense performance and transparently benchmark against hospitals of your choosing.
Learning, support and training
  • Uncover insights with the help of dedicated product advisors.
  • Direct networking opportunities among peers.
  • Case studies that identify how members are using data from the ODB to support performance improvement initiatives along with contacts at each respective member to facilitate networking

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