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Vizient® works alongside hospitals to guide efficient planning and cost savings for healthcare construction, capital budgets and facility renovations. Success requires teams with the right expertise in capital budget planning and cost-saving equipment and materials procurement. Our experts meet you where you are, from medical equipment planning and healthcare construction to facility maintenance and operations.


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Capital equipment planning

Planning, procurement and logistics to increase reported spend and maximize the value of capital equipment procured. Learn more

Capital asset management

End-to-end solution driven by data and a total cost of ownership approach to gain visibility, reduce costs and improve operations. Learn more

Facilities and construction

Driving aggregation of spend resulting in higher savings across design, construction and facility maintenance and operations. Learn more

Gain efficiencies with technology

Plan, procure, manage and dispose of capital assets with our innovative technology platform - Vizient capital asset management. Streamline the capital planning process and produce a dynamic capital budget that improves productivity and the budget creation process.

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How we deliver the greatest value

  • Establish custom contract pricing and performance improvements with active custom pricing negotiations
  • Increase spend visibility and supplier performance through pricing validation and value-added terms and conditions
  • Develop performance criteria to optimize life cycle costs, aggregate anticipated spend and initiate standards for efficiency and cost control
  • Enhance performance at a lower cost with category or initiative focus and key performance standards



$ 3.4 B

Medical capital
category spend volume

118 agreements
84 unique supplies
31 categories

$ 4.5 B

Diagnostic imaging
category spend volume

90 agreements
58 unique supplies
22 categories

$ 1.6 B

Facilities and construction
category spend volume

195 agreements
168 unique supplies
34 categories

Group Buys

When members combine purchasing volume, Vizient can negotiate significant value-added benefits that are over and above our market-leading contract pricing. Each calendar quarter, Vizient presents Group Buys offers exclusive, limited-time value from participating suppliers on selected product categories.

Group Buys offer members opportunities to realize substantial savings and enhanced contract value on select contracted products and services. With Group Buys, members can access price savings, added nonprice value and incremental returns through the Vizient value statement process.

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Medical technology

Capital equipment planning

Improve cost and quality while optimizing the value on capital equipment through strategic sourcing. Increase reported spend and drive sustainable savings with transparency into third-party spend. Access price savings, nonprice value and incremental returns with Group Buys.

  • Schematic design – kick-off with design team and stakeholders, determine equipment basis-of-design, align contracts, and develop preliminary budget and equipment lists
  • Design development and construction designs – develop equipment specifications and construction schedule
  • Construction administration and procurement – develop procurement schedule, supplier quote review, purchase requisitions, budget status reports and warehouse coordination
  • Activation and logistics – delivery coordination, supplier installation schedule, verify placements and develop closeout documents

Capital asset management

Move beyond acquisition price with a total cost of ownership approach to achieve the highest quality outcomes and the lowest operating costs. Develop strategic capital plans, cost-effective budgets and workflows tailored to your organization. Optimize utilization of equipment, develop performance criteria and aggregate anticipated spend by initiating standards for efficiency and cost control.

Leverage technology with our seamless solution to plan, procure, manage and dispose of capital assets. Streamline the capital planning process and produce a dynamic capital budget that improves productivity and the typical budget creation process. Gain real-time visibility into capital equipment fleet to analyze data based on service line, facility, department or cost center.

  • Advisory services
  • Capital cycle management
  • Comprehensive healthcare technology portfolio
  • Vizient capital asset management

Capital management technology

Advancing performance by managing capital spend

Vizient® capital asset management will track equipment and expenses, improve equipment lifecycle planning, procurement and asset utilization. It provides data, analytics and expertise to help healthcare organizations reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

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Facilities and construction

Drive aggregation of spend and develop standards across your facilities to maximize savings and value. Gain transparency into cost of materials to increase revenue and create sustainable cost reduction. Vizient experts work collaboratively with member design and construction teams, trade partners and suppliers to identify and implement opportunities.

  • Advisory services
  • Comprehensive facilities and construction portfolio
  • Third-party spend optimization
  • Job order contract management


Making a hospital more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly does not mean you have
to spend more. Vizient can help you identify the right materials and equipment that meet your sustainability needs while managing costs. Let our Lean-led procurement and design experts
show you how.

With the Vizient Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Program, members can access the most cost-effective portfolio of environmentally preferred products in the industry. Our portfolio includes furniture, doors, floor covering, HVAC cleaning services and more. We support new building and renovation activities and provide sustainability practices that focus on building materials and building maintenance.

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