At Vizient™, we are experts who care about our members, community and the environment. We strive to help members build stronger, healthier communities — and that includes efforts for environmental sustainability.

Vizient helps our members better understand how to implement an Environmentally Preferred Sourcing Program policy and program, and why it’s important. Working together in a consistent and thoughtful manner, Vizient members can better understand reasonable and achievable targets that are financially viable, environmentally sound, health improving and inspiring.

For more information on how you can green your supply chain, please contact the Environmentally Preferred Sourcing department at

For additional information on how to implement sustainability practices into your organization or on the Vizient Sustainability Award, please contact Terri Scannell, Senior Director for Social Responsibility.

EPP Pie Chart

Our portfolio offers more than 100,000 medical/non-medical products and 10,000 food products