Our Operational Data Base (ODB) helps you report, compare and analyze operational data to support process improvement, budgeting and cost reduction. Benchmark your operations against the staffing and overall performance of 120 Vizient and 650 non-Vizient facilities.


  • Identify opportunities for operational benchmarking
  • Develop custom comparison groups to fine-tune analysis


Report, compare and analyze operational data

Learn how the Operational Data Base provides financial and operational analytics that identify opportunities to improve performance, reduce costs, improve budgeting and pinpoint best performers.

Product features 

  • Advisory services to help members interpret and use the information
  • Reliable workload indicators for identifying potential improvements by department
  • Targeted performance improvement-related reports focusing on staff productivity, overtime utilization, supply expense, managing patient flow, capacity utilization and inpatient utilization
  • Library of case studies and best practices
  • Online access to facilitated networking events and user groups (Vizient and non-Vizient user groups)
  • Consultative site visits from Vizient staff every three years

Vizient members have exclusive access to additional ODB resources.


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