Create an efficient and optimized workforce

Vizient provides a simple, comprehensive solution that addresses every phase of the Workforce Management Cycle through subject matter expertise, analytics and insights, service and technology that allow you to spend more time focused on what matters most, providing exceptional patient care.

Your people are your greatest asset. Our Workforce Solution aligns patient volume to staffing, access quality candidates and optimize engagement across teams and sites of care.

 Address your current challenges

  • Staffing decisions are made in silos with legacy constraints
  • Driving change through productivity benchmarks is one part of the puzzle, you must have a solution that can drive sustainable change
  • As staffing cost climb and resource availability falls, closely managing staffing to demand has become a priority
  • Clinician turnover increases high labor costs
  • Clinicians often perform administrative tasks, which is an ineffective use of time
  • Insufficient skill mix and ratios restrict capacity for working at top of scope
  • Disengaged clinicians negatively affect patient care and outcomes

Connect with us to optimize your workforce to improve patient care and outcomes.