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To deliver quality health care with a continued focus on patient outcomes, health care organizations need to maximize their staff efficiency. Labor alone can account for more than half of a health care organization’s operating costs. This becomes more complicated with nursing shortages and fluctuations in patient volumes and acuity. Providers may be unable to strategically align their staff and can often resort to paying overtime and other costly measures while adding stress to already strained resources.

Vizient® teams have deep expertise in health care workforce consulting. We harness best practices, advanced workforce management technologies and expert consulting so our members can better manage core staff scheduling, contract labor, vendors, credentials and billing.

Contract Labor Management

Vizient Contract Labor Management is a vendor-neutral management service that acts as a third party with nursing and clinical staffing agency vendors on contracting and managing contingent labor savings,
efficiencies and quality to health care providers.

Our comprehensive program is built on four pillars:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Market management
  • Technology and analytics
  • Dedicated services

Our goal is to safeguard ideal staffing levels, maintain optimal patient care and provide members with best practices around temporary labor usage for sustainable competitive rates and terms for our members. Advanced reporting capabilities and performance benchmarks help members improve oversight and recognize improvement opportunities.

Healthcare workforce consulting technology

Contract Labor Optimizer

Our web-based, user-friendly technology streamlines and automates processes to simplify and minimize the time frame to fulfill contingent staffing needs. Our technology provides ease and efficiency across procurement, invoicing, billing, and reporting with visibility of all needs and usage across the health care system. We enable systematic staffing procurement, candidate prescreening, a single-source for compliance files, automated time tracking and time clock system, an online approval process and consolidated billing.

Case studies

Healthcare workforce solutions

Optimizing workforce yields nearly $14 million in savings

A California-based safety net health care system struggled in several labor-related areas. The focus of the Vizient Workforce Optimization team was to identify factors driving workloads for nursing, nonclinical and ancillary support services, create standardized approaches to allocate staff, determine pay, measure staffing effectiveness, arrange overtime and gather data for accurate workforce utilization reporting. The health system achieved nearly $14 million in cost savings, expense reductions of $21.6 million and had patient satisfaction scores increase from the bottom 10 percent to the top 75 percent.
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Healthcare workforce solutions

Solidified staffing yields $6.9 million in savings

Large health systems and complex labor issues often go hand in hand. This particular large health system needed to align its contract labor interests. With our multidimensional approach of Vizient Workforce Optimization specialists and exclusive technology, the system's staffing future is secure. The health system completely transformed a disjointed contract staffing process into an efficiently managed system that saved $6.9 million in labor expenses.
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Labor Cost Consulting

Labor Cost Consulting is our healthcare workforce solution that can help reduce labor spend as much as 7 percent by applying a systematic approach to collecting data, mapping and analyzing processes, benchmarking best practices, removing limiting conditions, and designing and implementing the perfect process. We drive toward an optimized care model, based on a balanced workload, by matching staffing with workload, redesigning processes and ensuring the model is sustainable.

Shift Optimizer

To help maximize the efficiency of your full-time staff, our web-based technology helps to maintain appropriate and cost-effective clinical staffing. Shift Optimizer addresses fluctuations in needs, improves productivity and reduces liability risks, ultimately helping improve care models. Our technology provides time-saving ways to enhance workplace productivity. Shift Optimizer helps you manage your clinical workforce more effectively by arming your front-line leaders, such as charge nurses, with the information they need to make staffing decisions, and providing real-time visibility into productivity performance.

Case studies

Workforce consulting case study

Innovative perioperative model brings millions in savings

A large health system with historically strong financial returns asked Vizient to uncover hidden savings. The Vizient team found $9.2 million, proving that even the most profitable hospitals can benefit from a labor workload analysis. Vizient worked in collaboration with the health system's perioperative leadership and staff over a three- to four-month period to design an optimal care model. The result was staff scheduling that is better aligned with industry standards, meets physician's block requirements and saved the health system millions of dollars in perioperative labor expenses.
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Workforce consulting case study

Newton Medical Center enhances its workforce culture and saves $2.9 million

Despite Newton Medical Center's enviable market position, the hospital faced challenges in managing variant patient volumes, enterprisewide changes to optimize labor utilization, improving patient experiences and enhancing internal culture. A partnership with Vizient delivered an interdependent team culture that eliminated traditional department silos and competitiveness, and encouraged collaborative problem solving. $2.9 million was saved due to appropriately staffing the medical center.
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Managing temporary staff  

In a Vizient-conducted survey at the AONE 2019 Annual Conference, 99% of respondents reported utilizing temporary nursing labor and 46% reported utilizing allied health labor in the past twelve months.

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