Driving results

Our suppliers play an important role. Whether it’s delivering critical medications and supplies or a cutting-edge medical device, our suppliers are proven to drive results, improve quality and reduce costs. Vizient® offers a unique supplier experience through increased supply chain efficiency, visibility and credibility. Our portfolio executives and contracting professionals deliver the support you need to provide the right solutions at the right price, maximizing your success.


Vizient’s annual purchasing volume, the largest in the industry.

Join our supplier team

Vizient is the industry’s largest supply contracting company and the nation’s largest member-owned health care services company. We help members and their affiliates—from academic medical centers to acute and non-acute community providers—reduce costs and deliver better, smarter care for their patients and communities.

We deliver unmatched supply savings and value through our sourcing services, as well as information and data. To join our supplier team, review the benefits and bidding system below to determine if Vizient is a fit for you.

Supplier benefits


Reduced contracting expense

Vizient’s national agreements help suppliers negotiate once, offering benefits beyond reduced administrative tasks.


Member-focused organizations

Because Vizient serves a broad health care market — as well as education, corporate and hospitality customers — our suppliers have exposure to more opportunities.


Competitive contract process

Following the principles of the American Bar Association’s Model Procurement Code, our contract process integrates qualitative and financial factors to identify the proposals with the best member value.


Reduced selling costs

Vizient provides solid sales team support and marketing communications tools that reduce suppliers’ expenses.


Subject-matter experts

Our contract experts’ diverse experience spans pharmacy, nursing, administration and supply chain, equipping them to best connect supplier solutions with member needs.


Market leadership

With the industry’s largest purchasing volume, Vizient connects suppliers with more member touch points than anyone else.


Predictable sales and purchasing patterns

Access to our large membership enables suppliers to plan and forecast effectively.


Extensive supply chain catalog

Members can access and activate contract information quickly through our online contracting database and supply chain workflow tool.


Successful track record

Vizient has helped suppliers of all sizes meet their business goals while providing the right solutions at the right price to our members.


Flexible sourcing strategies and contracting programs

Our flexible sourcing strategies reward members while delivering incremental volume to suppliers.


Innovative technology

The Vizient innovative technology contracting process seeks to identify and contract for innovative products that are used in the direct clinical care of patients and offer an incremental benefit to patient care or patient or health care worker safety. Learn more

Supplier bid system

Learn how to participate in the Vizient competitive contracting process and how to submit a bid in Emptoris, our online eSourcing platform, by viewing our Emptoris Supplier Training module and instructional video. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to submit a proposal and tips on creating a successful bid.

Current Bid Calendars

Learn more about Vizient's bid calendars

Visit the Supplier Dashboard

As we continue our company integration to best serve all Vizient suppliers, we combined legacy websites from VHA, University HealthSystem Consortium and Novation onto one platform ― that means one place and one login to access all Vizient tools ― including member roster, product and pricing information, and Impact Standardization reports.

As part of this transition, we changed our security protocol for Vizient suppliers. If you are a current supplier, your business email address is your user name and you will be prompted to create a new password.

Vendor grievances

The Vizient Vendor Grievance Process provides a mechanism by which potential vendors can appeal contract award decisions if they believe the contracting process was not conducted in a fair, open and competitive manner in accordance with Vizient’s policies. Under this procedure, vendors can request an independent review of the process by Vizient personnel outside of the contracting group.

The preferred method for submitting vendor grievances is through the Vizient Compliance Hotline or website. An aggrieved party may call the hotline at (800) 750-4972 or may submit a grievance via the compliance hotline website The Compliance Hotline is managed by Navex, an independent third party.

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