Vizient® connects leaders from different disciplines to solve complex healthcare problems. We provide a range of solutions that enable networking, collaboration and improvement with like-minded individuals and subject matter experts. Through improvement collaborative projects, surveys, webinars, and an extensive resource library, we provide expert-led resources and insights to help you achieve top-tier results in cost, quality, and market performance. By leveraging PI Programs resources, you can gain valuable knowledge and insights to drive meaningful change and achieve exceptional outcomes in your organization.

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  • Working with peers to solve important issues
  • Focusing on a variety of topics across all stages of care
  • Accessing resources to help your organization improve


2023 reported member value


Sepsis deaths avoided in the Improving Sepsis Bundle Compliance Collaborative


Participating hospitals

How can our collaboratives help you? 

Outcomes data demonstrate that organizations participating in health care collaboratives have better results and reduce patient harm at a greater rate than nonparticipants. Experiences of participating members include:

  • A reduction in patient harm and readmissions, extending to lives saved
  • Increased revenue by eliminating potential value-based purchasing penalties imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

From networking with peers and learning from work they’ve already completed to accessing resources from other projects within the program, the Vizient Performance Improvement Programs is sure to accelerate improvement at your organization.

Lehigh Valley Health System improves mortality index

Learn how the Vizient Enhanced Mortality Review Collaborative helped Lehigh Valley Health System identify specific areas for clinical quality performance improvement and how Vizient worked with the health system to compare its performance with similar-sized hospitals. Matt McCambridge, chief quality officer and Marlene Ritter, director of quality at Lehigh Valley Health System, discuss their participation in the Vizient Enhanced Mortality Review Collaborative and the resulting performance improvement.
Vizient members have exclusive access to various performance improvement resources.

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