Networks deliver collaborative power

Networks deliver collaborative power

In today’s environment, the primary mission of health care organizations often competes with many other priorities. Faced with capacity challenges, as well as new regulations, technologies and payment methodologies, providers find themselves overloaded with new tasks and hurdles — and the momentum is only accelerating.

Vizient was founded on the tenet that health care organizations achieve greater results more quickly when working together. And through Vizient Member Networks, our participants realize this goal.


Leading where you need to go

The Integrated Performance Solution brings together expert data and analytic insights from across Vizient and Sg2. Members can improve momentum progressing from strategy innovation and implementation to capturing real value in a matter of months.

Network engagement and collaboration drives value

Member Network participants have access to strategic thought leadership, actionable analytics and peer insights to rapidly solve problems and anticipate future disruption. Participants recognize a 3:1 return or greater value by engaging in the full offering.

CEO Executive Networks

Networks designed for the president and/or chief executive officer (CEO) that are member driven, creating a place for CEOs to establish trusted peer relationships for open dialogue and to gain actionable learnings for improvement. All offer input on the operation of their respective networks and serve as sounding boards for Vizient Member Networks and the company overall. Meetings, virtual and in-person, are designed to promote peer-to-peer connections, best practice sharing, collaboration and opportunities for knowledge exchange.

- AMC CEOs - New England
- Community-based Independent Health Systems    - Oklahoma/Arkansas
- Large IDN CEOs - Southern States
- Atlantic - Upper Midwest
- Central - West Coast
- Mid-America  

Peer networks

Our networks represent executives who influence and shape the future of their organizations and the industry. Member representatives inform the design of the network through a member advisory committee. The network experience includes meetings and webinars for leaders to connect with peers and subject matter experts to improve performance through Vizient’s data-driven thought leadership, leading practice sharing, problem solving and member roundtables. An example of our networks includes CFOs, COOs, CSOs, CMOs, CNOs, CQOs, Pharmacy, Supply Chain as well as 15+ additional senior leadership and discipline networks.

New service line networks are centered on providing a 360° view across cost, quality and market performance of a service line’s current state and market opportunities for members in all three products: Vizient Member Networks, Vizient Clinical Data Base and Sg2® Market Edge. Clinical and operational executives collaborate with peers and experts to examine and improve on key challenges and opportunities. We offer networks for cancer, cardiovascular, and coming in 2023 is neuroscience.

Data-driven forums to accelerate results 

Through Vizient Member Networks, leaders can quickly identify issues and problems, find answers faster and implement solutions more rapidly. We connect leaders to learn from each other, improve through collaboration and build solutions to health care’s most pressing problems.

Network benefits
  • Achieve a return on investment that can exceed 3:1
  • Save millions of dollars and thousands of lives
  • Jump-start results while identifying evidence-based, leading practices
  • Gain proactive insights into emerging trends in real-time
  • Obtain access to current research and knowledge exclusive to Vizient network members
  • Benefit from trusted, long-term relationships with peers and industry influencers



lives saved and 78K few patient days from our sepsis projects


additional ambulatory visits from Successful Outpatient Procedure Shift Collaborative


aggregate 2022 forecasted member value from performance improvement programs


networks for C-suite and leadership


member hospitals participating

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