Vizient Pediatric Program - pediatric medical equipment and more

The Vizient Pediatric Program is an industry-leading GPO supply chain program providing an exclusive product portfolio of pediatric medical supplies and pediatric equipment.

The program supports pediatric caregivers with high-quality products, services, analytics, and value-add offerings. Using the program helps hospitals reduce supply spend, advance supply chain efficiencies, and improve organizational effectiveness. The program also integrates communication and educational opportunities to enrich clinical staff.


Pediatric Tech Watch

At the forefront of innovation, the Tech Watch forges a pathway to improved outcomes with expert insights on pediatric trends, technologies, and pharmaceuticals. You'll learn about advancements in pediatric medical equipment and updates from awarded suppliers on pediatric medical supplies.

Tech Watch, Vol. 8, 2022

Topics: Effects of COVID-19 on the delivery of pediatric behavioral health care, COVID-19 vaccine pediatric trials and approvals, innovative technologies.

Tech Watch, Vol. 7, 2021

Topics: Digital health strategies and virtual health forecast, governing pediatric
sedation for comfort during procedures, COVID-19 vaccines in kids

Delivering variety, quality and value for pediatric caregivers

Members may also receive improved financial returns through our private-label products, unique purchasing programs and special saving opportunities such as Impact Standardization, Novaplus® and National Group Buys.

In addition to the GPO industry’s largest national pediatric contract portfolio, the Pediatric Program includes products that deliver additional cost savings.

Pediatric Program categories

Our portfolio offers pediatric medical supplies and equipment across 37 categories .

  • Advanced wound care
  • Airway clearance
  • Anesthesia machines
  • Baby care products
  • Bariatric and therapeutic beds and support surfaces - purchase
  • Bariatric and therapeutic beds and support surfaces - rental
  • Casting and splinting
  • Digestive enzyme cartridges
  • Endoscopy equipment and accessories
  • Exam room equipment
  • Facial protection
  • Furniture
  • General radiography and fluoroscopy
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Infant care equipment and phototherapy
  • Infant diapers
  • Infant formula
  • Medical nutritionals
  • Neonatal specialty products
  • Nuclear medicine equipment
  • Ob specialty products
  • Orthopedic pediatric products
  • OR lights, columns and booms
  • Ostomy products
  • Patient monitoring
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Phlebotomy
  • Phlebotomy tourniquets
  • Pneumatic compression devices
  • Rehabilitation products
  • Softgoods and sports bracing
  • Suction canister systems and accessories
  • Temperature monitoring probes
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Vascular access products
  • Vascular imaging systems
  • Ventilators

Pediatric Program resources for members

Vizient members have exclusive access to additional resources and information.

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Impact Standardization programs

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Learn more about the Vizient Pediatric Program.