Our physician alignment solutions help hospitals implement strategies and programs to increase alignment and engagement with physicians.

Our offering includes identifying the right employment strategy — such as gainsharing, employed or managed — and partnering with physicians to deploy aligned episode payment and incentive models.





As pressure grows to manage costs, quality, and health care reform, physician alignment strategies are more important than ever. We offer solutions to support new physician compensation models, recruitment, comanagement, episode payments, incentive programs, service line performance and gainsharing strategies. Vizient® provides analytics and benchmarks to measure current and predicted Medicare reconciliation payments and internal cost savings. This helps enable you to develop and implement the optimal acute and post-acute management strategy. By helping our members engage physicians in hospital-level decisions, we drive financial, quality and service performance.

Benefits of alignment

Successfully implement care redesign plans
Vizient helps you design and implement strategies to deliver the right care at the right time.

Gain real insights
Robust analytics measure current and predicted payments and savings.

Drive financial improvements
Create incentives to align physicians with your care and margin goals.

Promote excellence
Develop protocols to reduce nonvalue added services while improving patient outcomes.

Refine your network
Streamline high-quality post-acute care networks capable of delivering optimal patient care plans.

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