Securing a physician strategy that enables market-level execution is the most important competitive advantage for any healthcare organization

We formulate an optimal physician strategy customized for market conditions and designed to be sustainable as market dynamics change. We believe a future focused lens and disruptive view around demand that leverages Sg2’s 10-year forecast, and our System of CARE framework is necessary to guide enterprise strategy.

Fostering strong relationships with physicians in the market to ensure access to high quality care is no longer sufficient. Healthcare leaders must address the current shortage of physicians that is demanding a change in care models and workforce.

Success will be defined by how well a health system or organization can navigate these challenges and create a competitive advantage with their physicians as partners in their strategy.

Unlocking growth across the enterprise

  • Outlining the preferred approach to achieve physician partnership in the market
  • Whether the goal is achieving growth, integration, improving quality, or enhancing care efficiency, success hinges on the physicians to drive change across the enterprise
  • Our perspective on utilization changes and site of care shifts enables our Physician Strategy consultants to proactively address solutions and develop successful physician strategies for your organization

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Physician enterprise strategy

Our areas of focus

Employed medical group

  • Medical group strategic plans
  • Compensation model redesign and benchmarking
  • Care model redesign to optimize access, productivity, and financial performance
  • Value-based and revenue diversification strategies

Hospital-contracted physicians 

  • Subsidy benchmarking and mitigation strategies for hospital-based specialties
  • Performance incentive models to address hospital cost, quality, and efficiency
  • Alignment strategies and negotiation support

Independent physicians 

Alignment strategies that cover:

  • Co-management
  • Professional service agreements
  • Call pay, reading and coverage agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • CIN and ACO models
  • MSO / PHSO
  • Gainsharing / Shared Savings
  • Employment

Sg2 links your physicians to enterprise strategies, helping to accelerate growth by understanding how best to align physicians with their patients and executing on these decisions.

As pressure grows to manage costs, quality and health care innovation, physician alignment strategies are more important than ever. Vizient offers solutions to optimize the relationships with the physicians in the market that can integrate service line performance and ambulatory strategy with the business models necessary to foster alignment and performance improvement.

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  • Market opportunity validation
  • Alignment model strategy and implementation support
  • Governance and physician leadership structures
  • Ambulatory growth plans and market prioritization
  • Data driven perspectives to address modifications to:
    -   Employed, independent and hospital-contracted
    -   Physician and advanced practitioner compensation


Employed Medical Groups

Vizient supports Academic and Community medical groups to benchmark performance, define growth opportunities and set strategic priorities for the market.

Successful medical groups create a competitive advantage for the health system but large subsidies and financial incentives are creating a compelling case for change in many organizations.

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  • Service line and market growth including site of care shifts
  • Strategic provider needs analysis to inform recruitment and growth goals
  • Ambulatory market strategist to assess market position
  • Network integrity analysis to identify gaps in access or care delivery

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